Tuesday, 13 June 2017

REVIEW: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Its not often that a change foundations, maybe every season?
But as i did some MAC shopping last week, I saw a sign saying 'Free Foundation Samples Available' which I thought was on their new 'weightless' foundation.
The lady in MAC asked me which I wanted so I thought, ooo Ive not really tried MAC foundation apart from studio fix and face and body so I explained to her what I look for in a result of foundations.
I like a dewy finish with medium coverage.
She decided on Studio Sculpt and gave me 2 shades (as I've still got my tan from holiday) - NC25 and NC30

Ive been testing with the NC30 as I'm at my darkest stage now, so i can go down to NC25 when i use it all up.
(NC is used for WARM skin tones, NW is COOL skin tones)
The first day I used this I did think it was way to thick for what I'm used to… Not as thick as studio fix but still enough to make my skin feel a little bit wet for a few hours.
I applied this with a Real Techniques Stippling Brush from the back of my hand and buffed it over the skin.

If I'm honest, you do not need a lot at all, which I love. Maybe the size of a 1pence piece.
So I was amazed at how little you need for a full face, and let me tell you, my skin finish was FLAWLESS!
I don't wear much makeup now due to my skin being quite clear to what I am happy with, so I never find I need a full coverage but why not try it for a week!
I wanted to do a little review on what I thought to this as lots of people struggle with foundations.

I would highly recommend this foundation to people who was medium-full coverage, have normal/dry skin and like a dewy, healthy finish.
The smell was actually quite fresh and pleasant as I find some MAC ones are a bit plastic smelling (i know, weird! Maybe its just my nose)

Although the first day I said it felt a bit wet, I still pursued the week as I really wanted to see how I got on with it.
After the first 2 days, I really started to love it! I know I don't go for a heavy coverage normally but I was really getting used to this full face of makeup, and I NEVER touched up at all.
I am going to carry on using this foundation for a while, but I think as soon as summer comes back and it starts to warm up again, I will probably keep to aside as I hate a thick, sweaty face in summer haha.

So pop to your nearest MAC shop and give it a try with a 7-day sample.

I have the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h to trial next, so stay tuned for this review on SDiaries next week.

Have you tried this foundation?
What do you think to it, or any other MAC foundation?

Love Sophie xx

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