Sunday, 28 May 2017

My New Lease Of Life

Before christmas 2016 I discovered the world of mindset.
I only dipped into it as I saw lots of influential people using this technique within their lives and businesses.
Up until January, this was the month I really wanted to delve into self development and connecting with myself more spiritually.
Ive not only watched and heard people talk more about this amazing adventure of life but also met people along the way, which are actually local to me. 
The perfect time to introduce you to Buckso. This woman has really made me see another light in this as she is really deep into her spiritual connection and no this is not all woo-woo witch craft stuff haha, this is genuinely connecting with yourself on a deeper level and discovering/manifesting the future of your life but also keeping yourself presently grounded.
Every time I meet Buckso I love chatting about what she's been up to and how things have appeared or changed in her life with any of her actions through her mindset.

For christmas I wanted a book called 'The Desire Map' I thought this would be a great start to creating a path in my mind which is focussed on myself and how I want to lead my future.
I then led onto purchasing books such as '4 minutes to change your life', 'She Means Business - Carrie Green and I'm currently on 'The Universe Has Your Back - Gabrielle Berinstein' Im in love with this one by the way, its a great starter…

I then decided to add Meditation as a daily ritual. My brain really is in overdrive most of the time and I just can't switch off. Which I also think a lot of people can relate to.
At first I found it a little boring and my mind began to wonder off into what I needed to get done or something I needed to add to my shopping list for example. 
But no I decided to stick it out and keep doing 10 minutes of meditation every morning when i wake up. Now I can sit their for 15 minutes and really relax my body and mind into a peaceful state where i can unwind for those few minutes. 
I do listen to the guided meditations still as Im still learning a way to entertain my mind to this state and I enjoy the guidance and imagery that I begin to picture through my process. 

Right this post is not all about my mindset and mediation. What I really want to tell you all is what I have discovered lately and it has taken me the 5 months to train my mind and connect with myself and the universe!

So that was a little intro for how it all started, now after 5 months I felt excitement for the FIRST time from this amazing process!
After books and mediation my friend introduced me to the fabulous little podcast app that we all have already downloaded on our iPhones! (just go onto your homepage and its the little purple mic)
I was on my way to a week on holiday (just 2 weeks ago) and she said 'Im going to listen to a few podcasts'. 
I was like wait, what! How have I missed these little gems.
So I found a few of my favourite authors and motivational speakers along the way and got myself stuck in.

This was just TODAY! I found a podcast from 'Connie Chapman' on Awaken Radio. It was a show called 'How to manifest your desires by following your intuition' 
Now I didnt think to deeply into it, it just caught my eye and i listened. She spoke about her issues and the desires she wanted to manifest and thats when it clicked!
I realised my true passion and desire from not only what I want out of my business but how I want my business to be!

For so long now social media in the makeup world has become huge! Especially in the UK with artists such as the fabulous P.Louise and many more talented people.
But this podcast made me realise, this isn't me?
I have been focusing on creating looks to this standard and learning new techniques to make my business appear the way other peoples do just because its so loved by people like yourselves.
And even I know from experience that my clients actually don't want looks as dramatic as them but why hadn't I clicked before now?

So I'm taking Makeup by Sophie Downing right back to where is began for me, back to inspiring artists like Pixiwoo, Bobbi Brown and many others. 
You know why? Because thats where my passion and talent lies.
I don't want to be creating looks to just wow I want to create looks that my clients can relate to and inspire their own makeup to be.
Overall that comes under NATURAL BEAUTY 
I rave about how natural skin products are the top of my list, so why doesn't my makeup correspond?

My creativity is always there no matter how light or heavy a makeup look is but my skills bring out the passion of natural beauty and enhancing what you have!
I don't want to change faces, make someone look like a celeb. Deep down we don't want that, we want to look the best versions of ourselves and flaunt what we already have.

After my amazing experience whilst eating breakfast with headphones in this morning I finally new what was missing. What that little gap was for how i can progress in life and my business.
Over the next few weeks I want to focus on a business clear out and really re-programme what it is i offer.
My services won't change of course, because what I do every day is always what Ive just described, its in my mindset that I'm thinking different.

Connecting with myself, mind and body has really added up those dull 5 months into thinking nothing was happening into realising my whole future and I can't wait to see what the future brings.
Its goal setting time ladies!

I would LOVE to know if you read any mindset books or listen to podcasts?
If you don't, then I hope i have inspired you to open up to this side of life.

I would also be honoured to answer any questions about this or even post more blogs on this subject if you were really curious about these things.
Either comment or email me at -

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend.
Sophie xx

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