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REVIEW: The Body Shop - Oils of Life

Its so amazing to find a skincare brand which I have fallen in love with and it so reasonably priced that give REAL results!

Many of you may know that I was previously an Account Manager and Makeup Artist for Guerlain, when working for them I was very lucky to have the opportunity to use their products on a regular basis and get products from them also.
Their skincare ranges had always been at the top of my list and nothing could top them, but thats what their £200-£400 price tag came in, and its just to realistic.
You may now be thinking wow!

Of course I did leave Guerlain and carry on with my Makeup business, but of course I wasn't getting products from them anymore haha.
I had worked my way around a few brands that I always used to buy, until I ran out of my Day Moisturiser and had no time to order or take a trip to Birmingham.
Which is when I the Body Shop Oils of Life range caught my eye and claimed to achieve so many great benefits to the skin.
Since then I've never looked back! I can easily walk in there and purchase 5 products at a time because it excites me!

Anyway, enough about that, let me tell you how amazing the 'Oils of Life' collection really is.
The collection contains
Essence Lotion 
Visible results while preparing and activating the skin for following products.
Facial Oil
A lightweight oil which absorbs quickly to the skin which leaves it feeling nourished and radiant.
Great to mix use on its own, with your moisturiser or mixed with foundation.
The new skincare MUST HAVE for 2017!
Revitalising Cream 
Silky and soft daily moisturiser to replenish and revitalise the skin throughout the day.
Revitalising Gel 
Same as the Cream but the Gel is more lightweight and a great makeup base.
Sleeping Cream
A refreshing night cream with a refreshing, cushion feeling to condition and moisturise the skin as we sleep.
Eye Cream-Gel
This light-weight, airy texture is perfect around the eyes, without it feeling thick when applied to this delicate area.
It revitalises the eye contour and visibly reduces the signs of ageing.
This can be used daily or weekly as a mask.

Also available are the 'Perfect Partners' Ball massages, one for face and another for eyes.
These both improve circulation of the skin but the eye rollerball helps reduce the appearance of under eye bags with the cooling ball. It has a spatula end too which keeps your products hygienic

The full range focuses on intensely revitalising 'to bring a new life into your skin'.
Each product contains 3 PRECIOUS SEED OILS from around the world…
Rosehip Seed Oil 
From - Andes foothills of Chile
Rich in Omega 3 & 6

Black Cumin Seed Oil
From - Egyptian Nile Valley
Known for the high concentration of antioxidants

Camellia Seed Oil (The Chanel Flower)
From - Everygreen Trees of China
Naturally rich in nutritive oleic acid

Seeds are known as one of our Superfoods for our everyday diet, so why wouldn't we start to extract seeds onto our skin?!
Seeds of course, give life to a new plant which makes seed oils the most concentrated sources of essential nutrients.
The cold-pressed form preserves all their potent properties and ensures affinity to our skin!

This range is my go-to daily routine for my skin, since using these products I have felt and seen a massive difference to my skin, especially the healthy, perked up finish I get everyday and the smooth, silky feeling of my skin.
Of course these are the results we want to see and feel but also knowing that these products are constantly working with my skin cells to fully replenish and revitalise my skin in a full cycle, so I know that it years to come my skin can only get better because I have helped and treated it in the perfect way.

Now is your chance to really work on correcting and perfecting your skincare routine.
I say all the time how important getting your skincare base is to portraying and visibly seeing a flawless makeup finish!

Since proudly becoming a Body Shop Representative I would like to offer EVERYONE a FREE skincare consultation.
I want to put my passion and knowledge into mapping out your personal skincare routine so that you can see these benefits too.
Please feel free to message me for your consultation, and also receive the special offers each month!
The offers right now, are ones not to miss!!
Or just request to see the catalogue,  if you would like a nosey yourself :)
Email -
Facebook -

Best of all Body Shop products are all natural ingredients, VEGAN formula, NO Silicones, No Mineral Oil.
We want and need our skincare to be safe.

I can't wait to hear from you and show you what a difference this range can make for you.

Sophie xxx


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