Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Luscious Lips for Valentines

The perfect time to release a 'lip' post to time it right for the Valentines Day dates.

Winter is slowly coming to an end, even though it is still ice cold!
Some of us are still struggling with dry, chapped lips… I don't want you going on dates trying to bite them smooth, thats not the way.

I for one find dry lips so frustrating cause i can't help but bite them and getting out of that habit is hard!
So this post is going to advise you on the best tips, tricks and products to smooth, hydrate and leave them lips looking and feeling luscious!

Start this process in the evenings…
An old trick is the easy toothbrush scrub, with a beaded scrub product.
This basically exfoliates the skin on the lips keeping the skin renewed and getting rid of any rough, excess skin which we all have because our skin replenishes every second of the day.
By giving your lips this exfoliant it will freshen up the lips and leave a perfect base to achieve those smooth, silky lips.
Top Tip - You can make lip scrubs using classic home remedies (just good 'home-made lip scrubs) Pretty much just sugar grains <3
Heres a great one… (Such beneficial ingredients of coconut oil and honey)

Or treat yourself to the BEAUTIFUL 'Body Shop Lip Scrubs' which also taste amazing!
(I also incude this fab product in my 'Everyday Winter Makeup Essentials')
Start of using a tooth brush to exfoliate and finish smoothing them out with your fingers (the warmth of your fingers will help massage the scrub better)
Massaging your lips also helps the collagen to naturally plump the lips.

Now apply a deep skin repair 'mask -like' product to coat the lips and give them a deep nourishment to soak throughout the night.
One of my favourites is 'Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream' These can be purchased in a multiple of formulas. Gels, Creams or even an actually lip balm stick.
Its worth a buy as it can help with tons of other issues that you may have.
Read my BLOG REVIEW on this product to find out more.

Over night you should have really repaired the lips and replenished the skin completely, leaving them smoother and even more plumped.

Its now time to make the LUSCIOUS.

An important process of mine is to use Lip Liners!!!

Using a lipliner can fully shape and define the rest of your makeup look.
Making sure the pencil is sharpened for a define line start at the cupids bow and really enhance that deep 'V'.
At the tip of the 'V' smooth out that line and follow your natural shape towards the outer corners of your mouth.
Then go around the bottom lip sticking to your natural shape.
If you want to enhance the size now is the time… Drawing your natural shape first helps enlarge your lip line easier as you can draw over bit by bit.

Top Tip: Colouring in the rest of the lips with the lip liner will help the colour stay on much longer!

Apply your chosen lipstick over the top… following within the lip liner you have just drawn.
Grab a tissue and press down to take off the excess then apply another layer.
(This helps lipstick last even longer!)

Finish of with a beautiful gloss to give your lips that 'Luscious' effect.
If you don't like sticky glosses but really want that amazing shine, then use a lip oil. These are my ultimate FAVOURITES right now.
Having this lip gloss look really helps make the lips pop, look fuller and more plumped.
Top Tip : Apply your gloss/oil with your fingers in a tap/blotting motion then using the wand apply more directly to the centre of the cupids bow and lower lip.
By having the main gloss in the centre of the lips it gives the illusion of a plump.

A final favourite is to add your face highlighter over the tips of your cupids bow.
I suggest doing this at the start ;) but i wanted end the is post with my favourite trick.

How much did you just learn ;)
Next week i want to see your Luscious Lips for Valentines…
Hashtag #SDLIPS on your social media!

Love Sophie xx

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