Friday, 6 January 2017

Your 'Overslept' Beauty Essentials

My January posts, pretty much are all realisation points you all need to know for a new start to the year.
Especially todays!

Put your hands up if this is an easy mistake to make after the Christmas break!
All those late nights, and lie in's we had in December have all knocked us out of routine, BIG TIME.
Now setting them 6am alarms are constantly turned into 'snoozes' - then the snoozes end up not working… Ive had this experience as well.
Or maybe you just want that extra bit longer in bed?
Then this is the post you need to read.
Let me tell you about the 'overslept' beauty essentials you need on you're dressing table this month.

Baby Powder
Forget about splashing out on dry shampoo, baby powder works like magic, and its like £1.
Not everyone washes their hair in the morning but if you woke up and realised it needed a clean more than you think then sprinkle it on.
A past 'baby powder' blog post went up a while back, read it HERE to find out more top use-ages.

Beauty Mists
Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a product that I should rave about so much more.
This is the perfect 'wake me up' mist, whether your in a hurry or you just want that extra beauty care in the morning then grab a bottle of this to give you that more awake, glowing skin.
It does come in various sizes, smells clean and refreshing and is a makeup artists MUST HAVE.
I will do a special Review on this product next week, explaining all the amazing benefits this little spray does.

CC Creams
Ok so some people still don't understand the difference with tinted moisturisers, bb and cc creams.
Quick recap - Tinted Moisturisers, a coverage moisturiser. BB Creams, a Beauty Balm of moisturiser, primer and light foundation in one. CC Creams, a Colour Corrector of colour undertones, moisturiser,  and light foundation.
So CC creams are a great choice when you 'oversleep' as your skincare routine is incorporated in this product, neutralising any uneven skin tone, adding moisture and giving you a light coverage of foundation.

Under eye concealer
An under eye treatment is extra important in any makeup look, from treating the delicate under eye throughout the day and also concealing and brightening your whole look, by just applying it in a triangle under your eye.
This Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer has it all.
Lip and Cheek Tints
My favourite, all in one product and also a handbag staple.
How much easier can it get than to own a lip and cheek tint. A colour on your cheeks perks and brightens up your whole look giving you that healthy colour and i can't leave the house without something on my lips otherwise I don't feel ready.
These YSL lip and cheek tints are my fave! with the smooth, silky texture which makes it easy to apply with the warmth of your fingers and are not too intense.

There you have it, 5 EASY steps when you have literally 5 minutes in the morning.
Keep these in a little makeup bag so you can grab them on any morning or to take out on the go.
Your face will look like you've had a world of sleep and a perfect relaxing morning.

Maybe add a whack of mascara in an extra 2 seconds ;)

Love Sophie x


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  1. I am struggling so much to get back into a routine!! I can already tell I will be needing the concealer tomorrow!
    Nicole xx


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