Monday, 2 January 2017

Beauty Hacks for Tired, Dull Skin

Firstly Happy New Year to you all!!
I hope you all had an amazing start…

Secondly, we are all feeling the christmas/new year come down knowing that we are back to work and reality properly this week.
Theres not much more to look forward too, but keep your spirits high and set some 2017 resolutions - and I don't mean boring limited goals. Make these exciting!
Mine is to give myself 1 day a week for 'me time' and have the whole day off, because trust me, I did this on the 1st Jan and I felt AMAZING!
Its the little things that count, so maybe its treating yourself to a pair of shoes that you've had your eye on for months, or investing in that 'Temple' Makeup lesson with me to revamp your old look and bring out that new year glow with an updated image.
These are things we can look forward to and feel happy about.

I wanted to start the year off with a post on hacking the tricks for tired and dull looking skin after all that alcohol, naughty treats and lack of sleep.
So I hope you have all started on the water challenge, your skin will thank you later!

But not only have we seen the dull skin effect from lifestyle changes over the festive period but also the harsh, frosty, winter weather would have made a difference to the way our skin looks.
I feel like in the cold weather my skin goes grey and dull because I'm basically just cold and have no perky endorphins jumping out of me like i do in the summer.

A favourite one of mine is COLD WATER.
When washing your face in the morning and evening, make sure you are washing and cleansing with warm water then ending with a splash of cold water to not only wake you up but to close your pores and best of all shock your blood vessels to give you that well-rested, perky skin.

I can never say this enough!! HYDRATE your skin with moisturiser every morning and night without fail!
You know what, I brought my sister a whole skincare routine for christmas because hers was just shocking before. Since christmas day she has stuck to the full skincare routine as I explained to her and her skin has never felt or looked better, she absolutely loves doing the routine as well.
Just the routine itself is just a little 'you time' to care and pamper yourself.
So my point is, having this skincare routine and especially a moisturiser to brighten up your tired and dull looking skin is a must.
Vitamin C is a saviour when it comes to brightening the skin, not just the food but you can purchase Vitamin C Skincare products.
I did a review on this a while back, Read it HERE.

Skip Alcohol and Coffee. Christmas is over now, we don't need no more alcohol for at least a month, so throw it out, keep it locked up and do Dry Jan ;)
Coffee also dehydrates the skin so its best to avoid this high caffeine drink and change to Green Tea or lots of water, again your skin will see and feel the benefits.

Its still winter but who says we can't have a glowing TAN.
Grab yourself a gradual tanning lotion over the winter months, a full fake tan will more than likely look fake this time of year but a gradual tan is a perfect solution just to brighten and perk up your body and face to give that healthy glow up until spring.

HIGHLIGHTERS will be your god sent for jan!
Getting the perfect under eye corrector and concealer will cancel out any dark circles or uneven skin toning. Then layer over the illuminating concealer to grab the reflective light at every angle to really make your skin pop with a glow, and don't forget to add some to your cheekbones and cupids bow.
No more tired and dull skin now!
(I love Bobbi Browns shimmer brick)

Throw out the smokey black christmas eyeliners and grab a WHITE EYELINER.
Draw this along the water line or your eye and you will instantly brighten and awaken your tired looking self.
This is one of my favourite tips!

and finally BRIGHTEN up you LIPS.
Im a sucker for the burgundy, plum lips in the winter but if you want to get rid of your tired, dull looking self then swap it to a coral nude.
The reason I incorporated nude was because we haven't quite hit spring yet so we still want to have that wintery feel, so a coral or pinky nude will be the perfect combination to the rest of this look.

Its as easy as that!
and I bet most of you don't even need to buy anything new. Its just the way we use and apply products which make such a difference.
I want to see the town full of perky, flawless ladies through January!!

I will also be posting the Spring/Summer 2017 Makeup Trends in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that.
Also don't forget to check out my BRAND NEW Makeup Lessons which I released on the 1st Jan!
2017 is the perfect time for a new makeup look, or a revamped routine that you have had for too long now… Learn something new, and book your 1-1 makeup lesson with me.

Love Sophie


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