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Why You Are The TEMPLE!

Theres 2 types of people out there…
Woman 1 - Someone who cares for themselves, is a go getter and knows what they want in life, plans their days with aims and accomplishments…

Woman 2 - or Someone who thinks about what others are doing before themselves, rushes when it comes to 'me time' and just glides through day to day life without focus.

Who would you rather be?
I hope you are thinking the first one!
These 2 types of people are a world apart and its time to turn your attention to the first option.
2017 can be your fresh start to focus on positivity and mindset, mastering these will help you become your amazing self in no time.

The reason I am publishing a post like this is that I believe YOU are the Temple in life and lots of people loose focus on themselves due to day to day life jobs and people that surround them with any negativity.
Yourself and Life are two completely different things.
The way you act, feel and appear has a separate outlook on your day to day life. Imagine this on a monday morning…

*You wake up rush around to get out the house for work. Grab an on-the-go breakfast, start work, listen to your colleagues depressing stories, leave work, get annoyed with traffic, cook dinner and get you and your family ready for bed and wake up with the same routine for the next 4 days?*
Sound familiar?
This puts you as Woman 1.
Now woman 2 has the same life… but imagine this monday morning…
*Set alarm 10mins earlier… Woke up to a 5min meditation recording, started her morning skincare routine. Played music whilst getting ready, had healthy breakfast waiting in the fridge, got to work and started working through her to-do list, got home and cooked dinner, then settled down with candles to read a book before sleeping.*

Woman 2 had the exact same day as woman 1 but had a better mindset, motivation and positivity within her life.
Im not saying she doesn't stress or have tough times in life but she makes the time to focus on herself.
This automatically creates a more positive and happy day to day living whilst feeling more relaxed.
For the past 3 months I have worked on becoming woman 2…
I used to suffer from slight anxiety, get worked up over little things and stress majorly over time.
People wouldn't as such see it, but deep down it was always at the top of my feelings and I knew that needed to change.
I worked on my MINDSET and believed in myself as a 'Temple', Treat it well and it will do the same in return.
Your mindset covers everything from thoughts, positivity and motivation - all these put together makes your life so much easier trust me.

I have broke down 'Why you are the TEMPLE' into 4 sectors.

Your skin satisfies your appearance with confidence. Your skin is on the outside which makes people see this before anything else.
I can look at someones skin and outline their lifestyle narrowing to as small as, stress, smoking, water intake and care.
As you all may know I am I massive believer on a Skincare Routine, no matter what age!
Don't aim this to all the 'wrinkle reducers' out there, we are not working on disappearing lines, skincare can only take effect to future changes.
So start this ASAP.

You not only want to feel good on the outside but the inside is what counts mainly!
Starting with a healthy lifestyle, its the best way for your inside to feel healthy and actually have a huge effect on the outside of your body, including clear skin, more active and energetic and so much more.
Don't go on silly diets just to loose the pounds is a quick amount of time, this will only make it harder in the long run. Eating a balanced diet of pure, fresh and raw health foods will make a massive difference to your body. Drinking around 2 litres of water a day also puts a massive effect on the body and cleanses your inside to project on the outside. A perfect New years resolution in anyones lives.
And last but not least, fitness. Wether its a daily 20 minute walk or joining a gym, this is honestly the best thing I ever did for my body.
Know one regrets a workout… EXACTLY! A big thing for ladies at the moment is weights over cardio, this doesn't mean lifting weights like men, this is as easy as doing light weighted movement with high repetitions, this gives the greatest effect in my eyes to give your body that toned, sculpted look.

Back to mindset, it makes a massive impact to everyones life once you start and see he effect changing within your positivity, motivation and determination with everything!!
Start off setting yourself monthly goals or even a daily to do list, giving you that accomplishment each day that you have created the life you want to live and getting things done which prevents holding you back in future.
And most of all this impacts on your happiness!! One that we all want, every day in life. No sad feelings, or stressed out from day to day life we want to feel happy and grateful for every second of life. Honestly, life should not be taken for granted, treasure every second that you put into it and make it your own!!

This is one that can easily be forgotten about as we just go without head thoughts and forget what oil soul and gut it really telling us to do and go for in life.
The decisions you make should come from the inner passion, if you get multiple choices in life just give your mind a few days to consider and weigh up your options to give a try soul answer as this will be the right one in the long run. Only we know our lives best.

Start the new year exploring new skills you realise you have, or passions that you have always wanted to play out in life, life is too short to wait until you 'think' your ready.
You will never be more ready that the present!
This falls within investments, and treating your self to self development in life or even just a treat to make you feel good.
Buy those pair of heels you've always wanted… I did! - I don't regret my Valentinos for a second, I'm thinking about my next pair already.
You work hard… So spend hard ;)
Last of all, your soul takes care of YOU. Only you can make yourself feel good and satisfied.
Think on this one and you will come to terms of what direction and decisions are right for you.

Now…. Change and work on at least 1 of each 4 sectors, even if it is the smallest change like adding and eye cream to your skincare routine or writing a goal for the day each morning.
A little goes a long way and you will feel it.
Every sunday I now shower with my favourite shower gel, moisturise my entire body with thick body butter, get into my luxury pjs and chill with a face mask on for a good 30 mins.
You know how much that changes my mindset and makes me just feel good!

Now its time to make you feel good and become the TEMPLE you know you are.
Treat yourself to that 'MONTHLY' massage
Start off with signing up for a gym membership?
Reading a mindset book once a month?
Investing in a 1-1 makeup lesson?

Because these small changes make a huge difference to the effect it has on your daily life.
And the best time to start this outlook is walking into 2017 with goals and plans.
Start the year investing in a beautiful journal that reflects you. Choose your favourite colour, pattern or even brand of where you buy this journal from and answer these questions everyday…
- The 3 feelings I feel this morning are?
- My goal/achievement today will be?
- Today I love… (List a new hobby, a part of your body?)
- and finish it with; I AM WHO I CHOOSE TO BE.

The best time to do this is in the morning as this will lead a great positive outlook onto your day or if you can control your thoughts and motivations in the morning try doing it at night but asking yourself the same questions in a past tense, so…
- My 3 feelings I have felt today are?
- Today my biggest goal/achievement was?
- Today I loved… (something you did, or the way you felt?)
- and again finish with; I AM WHO I CHOOSE TO BE.

You choose to be a creator in your own world, why not live in a bubble and live a fantasy life, its fun and happy to have the thoughts and live your life the exact way you want to.

It doesn't always have to be on the way you think, treating yourself to that handbag you have always dreamed of having or that expensive Jo Malone candle that you fall in love over each time you smell it.
Treating yourself to these luxury good more regular makes you feel more special, just like you would if your partner or family member had treated you, you automatically feel grateful and excited that makes you love and appreciate them even more, and that thought will be the same when your treat yourself.
Or treat yourself on those times you have accomplished something amazing or hit one of your main goals on your list?

Another great way to keep motivated and positive is to create a DREAMBOARD, now this exercise is so much fun and you can totally push the boat out on go for the extra ordinary.
Imagine money and time in no object…
I do this on pinterest and pin all my dreams onto one board, they are not only dreams but I know I will make them reality.
You can also do this with a huge A3 paper and lots of magazines, stick this on your wall and look at it every day! Now this is when your mindset will click in and say 'I will achieve *this* dream by…
Then add more as you go along.
I do keep my Dreamboard private on Pinterest so you won't find it as it is personal to me, but lets just say a lot of mine are places I want to travel too.
From starting this 3 months ago, I have already been to one of my travel destinations (Morocco) which I featured on my Dream Board.
The more accomplishments your achieve from your dream board, try creating an 'Achievement Board' these can then be moved just to prove to you that you HAVE done exactly what you aimed to do. The feeling is AMAZING!!

It IS possible, when you put your mind to it you can have whatever you want!
I feel as though my business has gone this way in life.
My main goals and achievements are mainly set on my business plans just because I love what I do and what I now know i can achieve.
Maybe yours is within your job or maybe you want to work on relationships more and put your mindset more positively on what you already have in life.
There are so many things you can create in life, we are here to set our own paths.

So for 2017 I have many more goals but I now condense these into Monthly goals (mine are mainly business like I said) but every morning I now make up and see them stuck to a photo holder above my bed and know why I am waking up this morning.
Start of small and you will automatically feel that you want to venture out on new ways of setting goals and creating new mindset work as time goes on.

Do you know understand why 'Woman 2' is a better person to be.
Don't go through life taking everything for granted, realise and appreciate everything you do, with your life and family experiences. Everything counts.
Realise that YOU ARE THE TEMPLE and make a change this 2017.
Invest in yourself and create that dream life.
I have lately had lots of lovely ladies investing in my 1-1 makeup lessons due to the confidence they want to feel on a day to day basis.
A lot on this links to the 'SKIN' sector and you makeup is your appearance, this is the look you give out to other people on a day to day basis.
Show you inner confidence with your knowledge on your own face.
A 1-1 makeup lesson teaches you about your skin, tone, colour, eyes, face shape and so much more.
Also walking away with a face chart and product list of everything suited to you, and best of all a Certificate showing your value of what you have done for yourself and achieved within a short space of time.
I absolutely love my 1-1 clients as I really see the best in what they have achieved and accomplished.
Everyone is capable to learn their faces inside and out with the knowledge that they have to learn but in a fun, hands on way.

I want you all to join my Closed Group on Facebook and interact in all my discussions and activities that I have on a daily basis not only to keep you in the know but also just learn new things constantly and I offer this all of my own back with no charge.
I want to help create this dream life for everyone.
This has had the biggest effect on my life since changing my mindset and without forgetting to mention such an amazing Success Coach that I have learnt so much from already which is Lydia Killion-Irving. She has 2 amazing groups on Facebook which I love to follow.

If you decide to follow my journey and group on Facebook and if you are interested in investing yourselves with my NEW 1-1 Makeup Lessons, I want to offer you all a chance to have a FREE ….. CALL to give you around 30 mins to chat with me and discover what lesson would be most prescribed to you and your needs within the makeup world.
I can help you identify more of what would be best to invest in when it comes to makeup lessons so that you benefit from each and every aspect of the lessons.
I have 3 main Packages  including the overall TEMPLE package which is basically the A-Z makeup lesson adapted to you.
There are also smaller, broken down lessons focussing on separate areas of the face if you were more interested in specific things but of course I can help you identify which would be more beneficial to you.
All you need to do is schedule a chat with me…
Feel free to contact me at
Just book in your time slot and I look forward to chatting with you about the exciting future.

MAKEUP LESSONS will be officially published and available to book from the 1ST JANUARY 2017.

I for sure will keep you updated with the 'TEMPLE' work every month and hope to involve you all in the future.
Please feel free to message me with any questions or bookings at

Lots of love


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