Sunday, 4 December 2016

This weeks ⌗SundaySkincare

If you have me on Facebook  you may have noticed me upload a photo of me sitting in a face mask this afternoon. Not the most usual thing you see at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon.
Maybe more winter walks, hungover bed photos or family get togethers seem more normal, but no, i had a mission plan this week.

As I had the full day off I decided not to set an alarm…
Waking up at 9am is the perfect time for me, as when I wake up too late I feel like I can't get enough done. So I had a healthy winter breakfast of porridge and blueberries before setting off for a 2 hour gym session and getting back home for half 1.

Shower time set me off with this weeks skincare routine. I recently went to The Body Shop in the week to treat myself to one of the new Christmas Collection Shower Gels, which I brought the 'Spiced Apple'. I usually love a creamy vanilla smell in the winter but as soon as this one caught my nose sences I couldn't put it down.
Best way to describe this is a like having Apple Pie on Christmas day!
I do want that on my body, yes. Haha

I then layered on a luxurious thick body butter in 'Coconut' also from The Body Shop. A morning shower usually leads to a quick coat of body lotion but on a weekend or a long evening in I treat my skin to a thick body butter which soaks into my skin so much smoother and also gives me a lovely bronzed glow for some lucky reason.
Im always drawn to Coconut as I just love the smell and the body butter scent lasts all night.

Last but not least for my body I smother on my new Burts Bees Hand Cream that I got on the 1st December in my M&S Beauty Advent calendar, which I am lovingggg opening something new and exciting each morning.
My hands always seem to look dry in the winter but this hand cream has for sure just topped my Caudalie Hand Cream to top spot.
I also applied this to my feet as the moisture will really condition and dry areas and keep them party heels looking smooth.

As for my favourite beauty regime I love treating my face to all these goodies.
So I chose The Body Shops 'Himalayan Mask' which purifies and gives your skin a smooth and baby soft glow immediately after. (I will do a full review on this product soon, it needs one)
I left this on for 30-40 mins to give it a really deep detox then washed off with warm water.

I continued with my night products of Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair using around 3 drops, covering the whole face and down the neck.
(Applying serums and moisturisers down the neck is very important, you don't want a smooth flawless face and a wrinkly neck when you get older do you?)

Once the serum had evaporated into my skin I applied Bobbi Brown Intense Night Cream, again all over the face and neck in circular motions as this is great for the circulation in your face after having a face mask on for a while.

Don't forget to use an eye cream at night! This is the best time to use an eye cream as it has all night to soak into the eye area and work its magic.
Tonight I used Guerlain - Abeille Royale Gold Tech Eye Serum.
I love how the tip of the applicator is gold metal so that the coolness of the metal can really soothe and awaken the eye area as I don't need to use fingers to apply this.
Also at my age I prefer to use eye serums so it is not that heavy around my eye area.

And finally I added some Elizabeth Arden - 8 Hour Cream onto my lips, as I am a pain for biting my lips in the winter and they are in need for some extra hydration to repair any cracks.
You need the tiniest bit of this which does the trick for a few hours, I then pop another layer on before I go to sleep.

So theres my Sunday Skincare routine for you this week.
I tend to know what my skin is in need of the more I stick to a routine as you start to feel areas which change compared to what your normal skin process is.
Don't worry, you will understand this the more you experiment with products.
Just don't be scared to try something new, you may be missing a vital part that your skin in screaming for.

I am offering FREE Skincare Consultations to you all, so please contact me if you would like to schedule a call.
Remember, an investment in yourself is an investment for your future.
I can't say how important my skincare routines are to me.
I do one every morning and night and my skin sure is thankful for this.

Love Sophie x


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