Sunday, 11 December 2016

REVIEW: Beauty Advent 6-10

Nows time to review my next 5 days of my M&S Beauty Advent calendar which I am still in love with.
I get excited every morning to see what I have received, whether its something new to me or a product that I have had my eye on.
So far so good!

Heres my product reviews from day 6 - 10.

Eyeko - Liquid Liner
Always used to struggle with finding liquid liners. I went through a stage on fine brushes, gel pots and I'm now settled with my liquid liner pens. Although this wasn't easy to find a pen either!
So many pens dry out within weeks or just have to be a certain size and length to be able to applier easier and quicker for us all.
I have found my favourite so far but I am open to testing this one out and see how I go.
4 days after using, I am still pleased with this Eyeko pen, its well pigmented, doesn't fade, lasts all day and dries quickly which is an overall TICK!
Lets just see how long it lasts me without drying up…

Ultrasun - Face Suncream SPF 30
Of course theres no sun at this time of year, but you should be using some sort on suncream within your makeup to protect any rays, especially on your face. Mine is usually in my moisturiser.
Although in summer when i go on my holidays, I love a good SPF 30 suncream for my every day face cream which I keep applying every 3 hours of the day.
So this one will be in my beauty bad next year!

Alpha H - Liquid Gold
Now this is one I've always been interested in since working within 'Look Fantastic' a few year back.
Its an overnight treatment, which stimulates cells and exfoliates dead skill cells away. From the cellular activity this makes the process of you skin renew and repair quicker, brightens the skin and evens out your skin tone leaving you with clear, flawless skin.
Basically and overall must have in your skin regime!
It contains Glycolic Acid from the sugar cane.
Best way to use this is with a damp cotton pad, once a week for 3-4 weeks.
I will be starting this process in Jan due to me testing out my Rodial Skin Peel at the moment for the month.

M&S Autograph - Nail Polish 'Cranberry'
An all christmas sparkle within this nail polish. Also the perfect shade for christmas as cranberry shades always come back wether its in fashion, beauty or home wear.
This polish does have a shimmer within the colour when applied and is also infused with Argen Oil and Vitamin E which are both great for hydration and replenishing the areas. So hello lovely long nails.

DAY 10
Nails INC - Gel Polish
I was pretty surprised that I got another nail polish the following day and pretty much the same colour. This one was a matte, gel polish which I suppose is the opposite from yesterdays nail polish and 'filled with biotin with cranberry' - Stated on the bottle.
But this is one ill be wearing over the christmas weeks.

Missed my last blog post on my 1-5 day advent products?
Catch it HERE, to see what I received and my opinions on each product.

Love Sophie x

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