Tuesday, 27 December 2016

REVIEW: Beauty Advent 21-25

The last part of my amazing 2016 Christmas Advent reviews.
I hope you all had a wonderful christmas and that you haven't stopped celebrating yet! We still have the rest of the week so lets keep the festive spirits going.
Its sad when you know christmas is all over but Ill just keep on going until new year :D

So its about time I ended my Beauty Advent reviews just going over my final thoughts and opinions on the products and overall list my favourites of the month…

Day 21
PUR Correcting Primer
I go through so many primers and I do admit, I have my favourites for certain skin types ect.
This one from PUR corrects and uneven skin pigments, dark circles, and mattifies for a perfect canvas.
I will admit I don't use primers every day, but this is one that I have been applying under my foundation just to give that smoother and flawless look for everyday.

Day 22 
Leighton Denny Mini Nail File
Since looking after my own nails, using strengtheners and my own colour polishes, having this mini file is a saviour in my handbag.
Since having my false nails removed for good, its easy for your own nails to get those jagged edges so I can save them before they get caught.
And its a beautiful crystal file and not those ones that just snap.

Day 23 
Studio 10 Firming Serum
WOW, this serum is worth £70, again like the other ageing products, my skin is not at that stage where I have deep wrinkles and lines so I can't see a massive effect. Its nice to know that I can keep on top of it for the future but right now I don't need something so strong.
Although this serum is described to have a miracle effect, reducing wrinkles by 16% in 15 minutes and helping long term effects within 2 weeks of using.
Reduces age spots, improves firmness, hydration, dark circles and increases luminous skin.

Day 24 
Burt's Bees Lip Balm
If this works as well as the hand cream ill be over the moon!
This lip balm is to help repair and hydrate your dry, cracked lips.
When wearing this balm it does have a menthol feeling which makes your lips feel tingly from the coldness but I can really feel this working and my lips feel totally smooth when applied which prevents me cracking them even more.
Ive been applying before bed every night so that I am sleeping with it on.

Day 25
Shay & Blue Fragrance
I was surprised I had a christmas day window as most calendars just go to Christmas Eve but again it was something I looked forward to on christmas morning while I was waiting for everyone to wake up.
This fragrance is very natural smelling, nothing to strong or sweet just refreshing. I did seem to smell quite a musky aftershave scent which put me off a little. So this wouldn't be a go to fragrance for me, just because I prefer sweet/oriental fragrances.
I hope you have all enjoyed going through my Christmas Beauty Advent with me.
Thanks to M&S its been a fun and interesting product journey that I will for sure be doing next year!

Here are my favourites from the calendar that I would consider buying again…
Day 1 -  Burts Bees Hand Cream
Day 2 - Rodial Super Acids Peel
Day 6 - Eyeko Liquid Liner
Day 8 - Alpha H Liquid Gold
Day 13 - Skyn Iceland Eye Cream
Day 14 - Rosie Lip Stick Gloss
Day 16 - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
Day 18 - Rituals Body Lotion

Keep an eye out for my 'BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS of 2016' which will be published on 30th December to end the year on a Beauty high!

Sophie xx

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