Thursday, 22 December 2016

REVIEW: Beauty Advent 16 - 20

Over half way though the countdown now and we are in the christmas week.
In other words, Panic Week. Those impulse buys just incase and all last minute gifts that we thought would be ok to leave so late.
Yes, you know what Im talking about haha.

Well I'm here to do another review for my last 5 gifts in my M&S Advent Calendar.
Everyday I'm still excited to see whats in them and I love that it goes to christmas day and not just christmas eve :D

DAY 16
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
This man is hugely known through the hair care industry with his recommended duo hair washing products and special treatments.
The elasticizer is best for fine-medium hair types as it is claimed to deeply condition and add that bounce and shine which helps prevent breakage and hairs less breakage.
When I gave this a try it did feel like a thick consistency which really sat on the hairs to make them stronger so I will carry on using and see how better my hair gets with the condition.

DAY 17
REN Evercalm Day Cream
This is a great everyday cream just to pop on to keep moisturised and soothe. I like my moisturiser to do more in one and feel a lot more creamier but this has been like my pre gym skincare routine.

DAY 18
Rituals Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
Id always seen rituals but body lotions don't give me that temptation but I was so impressed with this!
The moisture this added to my skin compared to a normal garnier lotion I saw a huge difference. My skin was so smooth and silky! I will definitely be swapping body lotions from now on.
The smell was also beautiful and not too over powering.

DAY 19
Percey and Reed Wonderbalm
This really grabbed my attention because it was unusual and I didn't even know what it was at first.
Wonderbalm is basically a hair primer treatment which you apply onto damp hair before you style it.
Seeing as I had my hair cut shorter and I was planning on adding barrel waves over the next few days this was a perfect product to receive.
I used this exactly as it said and it really did give my hair more structure. I think this product would be more effective if you styled your hair with a proper blow dry after washing, as I left my hair to air dry and blasted over any damp areas before I started to curl.

DAY 20
Formula Absolute Sleep Cream
Ahhh, I saw 'Formula' in M&S when I last went. This is an M&S skincare brand but all the products really caught my eye. So when I received this I couldn't wait to try!
This Sleep Cream claims to replenish the skin after any stress of late nights the night of use.
When working for Guerlain they had an exact same product which everyone loved called Midnight Secret and it really was a skin cream to die for when your skin is screaming help.
I tried this sleep cream on a night when I was waking up at 4:30am so I knew my skin would benefit from this with me not having much sleep.
And it did. It just looked brighter and I didn't look dull and tired. I will keep testing this out.

Hope some of them products were an interest to you.
I shall finish off my advent calendar review on Boxing Day

Have a lovely Christmas and check out my LIVE Facebook video tomorrow for some exciting news

Sophie xx

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