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REVIEW: Beauty Advent 11-15

Another 5 reviews to blog about since 10th December in my M&S Beauty Advent Calendar.
This is so much better the chocolate. Trust me!!
Every morning I'm still excited to open the next window and see what hair/beauty product I've got, so lets go more in depth with my 11-15 products.
I do load my advent products every evening on my instagram - @makeupbysophiedowning

DAY 11
Emma Hardie - Cleansing Balm 
So you all know my love for skincare. And a cleansing balm is something i have tried in the past but I've always stuck with my Cleansing oil.
It was great to test out a different texture when removing makeup, but with cleansing oils i find it easy to put on a cotton pad and wipe my makeup off from scratch where as I need to take the bulk off first then use cleansing balm as you do need water to make this work into the skin.
Although the feeling of a cleansing balm is much more silky to get your hands into.

DAY 12
Look Good Feel Better - Powder Brush
'Look good feel better' is a ladies charity, they offer hair and beauty advice and workshops for women having cancer treatment, the name of the charity says it all which is a lovely charity to help boost all the ladies confidence and there are so many brands who work along side this charity on the high street.
So they do have products which they sell, just like this powder brush, and I'm honestly amazed at the quality of this brush.
It is very soft and easy to apply any loose face powders with as the density of the brush is just perfect to hold and spread the right amount of product.

DAY 13
Skyn Iceland - Eye Cream
I love a good eye cream, but it is easily one that I tend to skip but I guess the eye area is the most likely place that we gain lines and wrinkles first.
Icelandic Relief Eye Cream is a triple-acting formula made to target dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
It is also effective to diminish symptoms of chronic stress… How interesting! Im sold!
So I'm now using this Skyn one every night to hydrate and condition the eye area.
Its a great thick cream constancy which makes the application on the area easy to aim around and smoothly work in with just using a grain size amount on each eye.
Also the brand is Cruelty Free and used with all natural ingredients and plan extracts - my favourite.

DAY 14 
NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil
Any oil, any where! I love them, from body, hair to face you can't beat a good healthy oil to benefit our natural oils that are being produced daily.
For oily skin types you should not be afraid! Oils are the best thing to get rid of your annoying excess oils.
One of my favourites has always been my Caudalie dry oil just because i love the nourishment and the smell is amazing, but Nuxe oil is on par. This is an award winning oil and people rave about this constantly.
I love that this is a mini size so that I can actually use this as a travel size.
It is full of plant oils and Vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften anywhere that you apply this.
Nuxe are actually No.1 for Anti-ageing skincare, pure oils and body skincare - they have a wide range of body creams which are worth a try.
Also the best thing about a dry oil is that it quickly soaks into the skin in a matter of minutes.

DAY 15 
Rosie for Autograph - Lip Glossy
Right can I start of by saying 'I LOVE THIS RANGE'
I completely underestimated this until i tested the eye products, the palettes and crayons are just like my Charlotte Tilbury textures and pigment - and that is saying something!
I was excited to get one of her products in this advent and it was a lip crayon.
Something I hadn't tried yet and I was not disappointed.
This gorgeous rose pink lip gloss in a crayon/jelly form is a silky, hydrating , non sticky product.
It gives a gorgeous colour finish and an iridescent shine just like a gloss.
And why wouldn't we want to look like Rosie, she for sure is an idol to me - especially her hair <3

We are now half way through the calendar and I can't wait to see what more goodies I will be getting.
It was well worth the money!

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Sophie x

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