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REVIEW: Beauty Advent 1-5

You can't have a December Christmas Countdown without an advent calendar, no matter if its Chocolate? Gin? or Beauty Products.
You know what I went for!!

After my blog post on 'Beauty Advent Calendars 2016' I narrowed down the options and thought M&S Beauty Advent was the one for me.
Just the fact that I wasn't stuck with one brand throughout the countdown and they have unique and even unknown brands to me which this was of course the best way of trying new things.
At the price of just £35 from £250 you can't really go wrong!

So every 5 days I said I would review each product that I have received so far…
Some do need longer amounts of time to trial and test to see if they really work and are effective but its a good way to describe the texture, finish and look of these exciting beauty products.

Burts Bees - Hand Cream (50ml)
Ive always raved about my Caudalie Hand and Nail cream, with its to die for Grape scent, but wow was I pleased with this Burt's Bees one.
No lie, my hands stayed moisturised and my skin looked so smooth and heathy thanks to just a blob of this beauty.
It is a good thick consistency, very creamy and works in fast but best of all its not greasy!
It soon soaks into the skin so that you can actually get on with your day and not have to wait around till it dries, like a lot of hand creams I have had haha.
My hands at least stayed moisturised for 8+ hours which is amazing for this cold and icy time of year.
I now go to bed with this on every night.
Lets just say I will invest in this when it runs out.

Rodial - Super Acids Mask
Ive always loved Rodial, ever since they got huge positive reviews on their Dragons Blood range, it sounded so exciting and different. I still need to give it a try but at least I can test their new edition of the Acid Peel.
I used this on the night i got it.
Just to let you know their are so many of these masks which all look the same on the web but this one is 'Super Acids x-treme acid rush peel'
This face peel claims to rejuvenate the look of skin and leave with a radiant complexion.
The fruit acid ingredients focus on reducing the appearance of age spots, skin blotches and uneven skin tone.
Which at the moment I have been looking for a product to work on my uneven skin tone. I haven't specifically got uneven skin, I would just love my skin to look flawless when wearing no makeup.

The formula is a clear, light weight gel like form, you need around 4 pea size amounts (I broke down to 4 areas on my face)
leave for 5-10 mins, wash with warm water.
It says to use 2x a week so I will continue with this until I run out and see how my skin is looking.
When on my face it felt like a slight warming feeling which must mean its doing something.
Also don't be scared that the product contains the word 'Acid' this is not a bad thing as the acid is from "pronalen fruit acids and powerful prozmex enzymes to brighten and refine"  which is obviously proven fine for the skin.
So far I can't really say if this works or not, but after a couple of weeks i will leave a review of how my skin looks or has changed from this mask, but I do love the concept of what this does so I am excited!!

Filorga - Time Filler Cream
This is one i can't completely test out on my skin as luckily I don't have wrinkles forming yet but i do have odd frown lines so i will apply to this area and see if they start to disappear ;)
This cream is basically known as 'Botox in a jar' which i know everyone thinks this is too good to be true, but whats the harm in trying?
They describe this to, "First, it targets contraction wrinkles with botox-like tri-peptide, Synake, which is able to relax the muscles that are causing folds. For hollow wrinkles, a retinol-like ingredient smooths the skin's surface, while NCTF - Filorga's exclusive anti-ageing complex - stimulates the vital functions of cells" 
(WORTH - £75)

When testing out the cream the texture was lovely, really smooth and silky which i love about creams. It just looks like a normal white cream consistency so nothing to go into detail with :)

Pixi by Petra - Brow Tamer
Brow tamers are just the latest thing for 2016, having amazing groomed brows is and was the trend throughout the year, thanks to Cara Delevigne for starting that one off.
So most people completely grew their eyebrows out so they could give them an amazing reshape like the popular HD Brows.
So a brow tamer in your makeup bag would be great to control and fully groom those hairs to perfection.
Although when i tested this I wasn't overly amazed, I kind of wanted it to set the hairs and feel like they wouldn't move but it pretty much felt and looked like water being combed through.
My brow hairs are not wild anyway but I could still tell that they didn't feel set.
I would explain the texture to be water based with a silky finish (maybe this gives a good condition to the brow hairs?) which is a nice texture, don't get me wrong but I know brow tamers to be more glue like so that it does set your hairs whilst looking natural.
So I will stick to my original for now :)

Josh Wood - Radiant Shine Treatment Oil
Hair oils are a massive trend right now also, from Moroccan, Argan and Macadamia. Im sure theres many more but test they are all pretty much the same and if you read the ingredients they tend to have a mixture of them all.
The oil used in this one is actually Kukui nut oil, which is a new one to me.
I do actually use the 'Morrocan Oil' every time i wash my hair but this oil claims mainly to focus on the radiant shine to the hair more than the damage aspect which would be a great new try for my to consider.
It is described to be used before shampooing which I have never done with an oil as of yet.
So this will be one to try over the next few days :D
The texture of this oil feels very lightweight which is perfect when applying to the hair and you don't want that greasy, weighty feel.

So now you know more about my first 5 Advent gifts.
See you on the 10th when i can blog about 5 more!!

Love Sophie x

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