Thursday, 29 December 2016

Best Beauty Products of 2016

What a perfect way to end 2016
A blog post on my all time favourite beauty products from 2016.

These won't all be 2016 released products, this is mainly my overall products that I have used the most this year or have made a reappearance from my deep black makeup hole.
So these are all products that would be an advantage to your collections at any time of the year and they just wouldn't get old!

I could easily get carried away with hundreds of products on the post but I will keep it to a minimum of 10 as these would then be my main 2016 collection to tell you about.

1 - Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow
This had to be number 1 on my list!! I literally use these all the time.
I love how natural but statement speaking these little shadows are
The best way to explain these are that they have hardly any colour pigment but its like a pressed glitter which come in multiple shades and make a massive effect on top of any eye look.
Check my full REVIEW

2 - Body Shop Himalayan Mud Mask 
One I rave about all the time, so I'm sure you expect this.
But my body shop mud mask is my Sunday Skincare saviour, not only does this detox your skin and fully cleanse your pores which you can see working, but leave this on for around half an hour and your skin will feel a silky and a babies bum. Thats a compliment!

3 - Bare Minerals Skin Longevity
This is a recent new favourite in my skincare collection. It did get released this year so it is new on the market and the only reason I brought this was because of the statement testing that it claimed to do. I had never brought much from bare minerals except for the mineral veil so skincare was a big jump, but I wanted a toner/serum for my day skincare routine instead of me skipping the step or using the 'advanced night repair serum' which i prefer to use at night.
This serum and toner in one is PERFECT to apply in the day as it has a refreshing, uplifting lemon/ginger scent which I love to wake up to in the morning and my skin has NEVER felt so smooth since using this product.
I also have a love for all-natural ingredients in skincare products.

4 - Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer
Now this has been in my personal makeup bag all year, literally I've brought 3 this year, so you can see that they last ages as well.
But compared to other under eye concealers this doesn't dry powdery or even crease!
I don't wear powder on top of my makeup or under eye area. This just lasts all day and makes my eyes look flawless and radiant!
Check my full REVIEW

5 - Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil
I remove my full face of makeup with this one product!!
Don't be scared of the fact that its an oil, every remover pretty much has a form of oil in to help remove the makeup gently and is actually amazing for oily skin tones. I say this so much.
My skin has been in great, healthy condition since removing my makeup with this. Why did i ever remove my makeup with baby wipes!! I look back and curse my skin.

6 - Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
Mascaras have always been my main issue, i have NEVER found a good mascara that I would recommend or even repurchase until I found this beauty.
All the 'Hypnose' collection are great but i just love the brush on the 'Drama'. It doesn't cause any fallout under my eyes or even smudge and it lasts all day without being a nightmare to remove.

7 - Smashbox Contour Sticks
Ive always contoured my face with powdered products as I found palette cream contours a nightmare as so many of them are chalky and just don't sink into the skin nicely, whereas these contour sticks are a god sent!
I love using these on all my clients and really seeing a beautiful benefit of a contoured face, even though I secretly hate this trend ;) but it makes my job a hell of a lot easier.

8 - MAC Paintpots (Soft Ochre and Painterly)
Heres a secret! I officially use these paint pots as a eyeshadow base/primer all over the eyelid, up to the brow bone instead of my Urban Decay Primer Potion now.
These are great to give that even, flawless eye base which also holds all the colour pigment.

9 - Le Blanc de Chanel Illuminating Primer
Now this is a new one of my favourites, Id always seen this around but just though of it as a basic liquid primer but gosh was i wrong. I LOVE mixing this in with all my foundations
Not only is this a primer but it also have illuminating pigments in which give a gorgeous natural glow and is even great to make your foundations creamier and apply much easier.

10 - Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks
I needed some sort of lip product on here because lipsticks are one thing I can't leave the house without. It complements my face the most with just that bit of colour on my lips to prevent me looking dead… haha.
I do LOVE my mac lipsticks don't get my wrong but CT's lipsticks are just the dream.
From the shape of the lipstick applicant to the colour pay off in the matte and normal ranges I have to buy a new one every time I go to the counter.
My official favourites are - 'Bitch Perfect' and 'Very Victoria - Matte'
Check my full REVIEW

I would love to know what your beauty favourite have been this year.
Leave your comments below <3

Or have any of these been put on your beauty wish list for 2017?

I would like to also say a massive thank you to all my followers and clients from the whole year, its been a massive pleasure to make you all look fabulous for all of your special occasions and the lovely feedback i get from my loyal followers who love reading my content and keeping up with everything i do.
I feel really lucky!
So I can't wait to bring you so much more in 2017
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