Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Everyday Winter Makeup Essentials

The temperatures dropped, nights are darker and winter is here!
A perfect way to start of November is revamping our makeup bags with 'Winter Inspired' products for your everyday look.

We all have those summer essentials that bounce back in our makeup bags, wether its that cream blusher? Liquid bronzer? or your favourite peach lipgloss?
Well we should do the same in winter. Only lets make these shades warmer and feeling comfortable on our skin.

My number one product that we all need is a good Lip Exfoliant
Start your mornings off exfoliating your lips before applying makeup to remove any flaking and dry skin.
In winter this is our unattractive downfall when the cold temperatures creep in our skin start to break and shred, so keep on top of it.
'Lush - Bubblegum Lip Scrub is an all time favourite with its natural ingredients, bubblegum smell and sugar flavour <3 They sometimes to limited edition flavours so maybe keep an eye out.

Our foundations are what changes each season, from a light tinted moisturiser on our holidays to a creamy, hydrating coverage for the winter months.
'Nars Sheer Glow' keeps the radiance glowing through winter but keeps our skin hydrated and smooth when applied and throughout the day. This is a medium coverage that is perfect for winter to avoid a caked look.

Illuminating concealers is one that slips through our minds, we had the highlighted cheek bones through summer now its time to brighten those dark under eye circles through the dark nights this season.
Its amazing how awake and brightened this one product can make your eyes appear.
'Maelle Secret Illuminator' is the perfect touch up pen your under eyes need. With its skincare formula getting rid of any dullness under your eye its also a great touch up to keep in your handbags.
Each purchase from my Maelle store receives FREE 1-1 lessons teaching you how to use your product the right way.
www.maellebeauty.com/store/sdowning feel free to message me when you have yours :D

Christmas is all about the Glitter, so wether its a glitter pigment for your eyes or maybe a light glitter of liquid liner would do the trick… 'Urban Decay Liquid metals' have a wide range of colours for your glitter liners. Try lining over your normal eyeliner or experiment with a Glitter Cut Crease.
Don't miss my 'Glitter Smokes' masterclass at Blend Salon Derby - Limited Spaces left.

Heres my winter favourite… The Vampy lip. Its never winter until you get your Plum/Burgundy lipstick to bring a statement to your winter look.
'Revlon Black Cherry' is a great shade if you want to go extra dark, just be sure to get a good lipliner to avoid bleeding and wearing off on the inside of the lips. MAC have a range of lipliner shades.

And of course SKINCARE - you all know how much  go on about the right routine. Well in winter you sure will see the biggest difference.
Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser (Serum if possible) and a luxury face mask once a week. HERES MINE
Try out 'The Body Shop - British Rose mask' Read my blog HERE

Sophie x


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