Monday, 21 November 2016

Beauty Advent Calendars 2016

December is fast approaching!
Which means were getting ready for the Christmas Countdown. I still don't fail to get a sneaky chocolate advent calendar, don't deny you don't either ;)

Opening the number of each day makes christmas feel closer and closer but maybe your trying to be good and resist the chocolate until christmas day or you may fancy something a little different and more exciting!
The beauty advent calendars. Forget about counting down to christmas day, just look forward to the little beauty gift you will receive EVERYDAY!
So today I'm going to fill you in on the Beauty Advent Calendars you can all get your hands on. Although they sell out fast so get them whilst you can.

Beauty advents are getting better each year with so many new brands jumping on the bandwagon as well as department stores.
You may have a favourite brand (which you will find out in a moment) or a mix of brands from departments stores makes your trial and test new products. I find this more exciting as I personally find each brand has certain products better than others.

Let me start of with the TOP (basically the priciest and most luxurious) then finishing with some amazing priced ones!

JO MALONE - £280




CLARINS - £95 (and there is also a MENs - £65)




NYX - £60



THE BODY SHOP - £60/£80/£99

NO 7 - £39

M&S - £35 (when you spend £35 in store)




Well, I officially did my hard research and pretty much found all the beauty advents you can get your hands on this year.
Some are crazy pricey but I'm hoping the sizes are more giving than testers.

I myself would LOVE the Charlotte Tilbury one but I don't know if I will justify that price haha!

So I'm considering The Body Shop one, as I LOVE their skincare products and I would be interested in testing a few other things that i maybe wouldn't usually pick up.
I also think the M&S one is a great buy as they have some fantastic unique brands in store which I wouldn't mind trying out, some with Look Fantastic. They might include a few hair ones also.
The NYX one… I am uming and awing about this one but I thought I would benefit more by spending £60 on things I love from NYX.

I also HAVE to mention that I myself will be doing a ADVENT CALENDAR on my Social Media account, from 1-24 you will have an EXCLUSIVE offer that is only available on that 1 day!
Best thing about it is I have some amazing other businesses collaborating with this advent as well as a few of my makeup offers slotted in, but you will only know if you visit FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM every day up until christmas.
Get ready to attack these offers and be prepared for some amazing businesses to pop up on a number of days.

Id love to know which you will be treating yourself too?
Which ones interest you most?

Sophie x

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