Sunday, 27 November 2016

A Christmas Beauty Gift Guide 2016

No better time to publish a blog on Beauty Gifts just before we enter December
I would have thought you have all started your lists by now, as the Black Friday week was a BANG!
The discount online was to irresistible, even I fell for the trap, and thats before Cyber Monday on the 28th Nov.
My eyes are covered…

I thought I should post a 'Gift Guide' with makeup and beauty ideas for you all to get all excited about.
Top of my list is a new Make-up Travel Case, I have way to much which has caused my current 'Trolley!!' to basically deteriorate so its perfect timing.

This year has been a great one for statement beauty releases that has took the internet by storm.
From Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, to Anastasia Beverley Hills Palettes.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Sets 
If I'm honest, any makeup set from CT will be amazing, but I'm loving this 'Look in a Clutch'
I love everything from their makeup range.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Palette 
A favourite to all us makeup artists, and with the choice of 3 shades this can be used from blushes to highlighters.

Nars - Sarah Moon Shadow Stick Sets
Cant go wrong with these 'easy to use' eyeshadow sticks. They have amazing pigments and your getting 3 must have shades in one kit, and their mascara!

Pixiwoo's 'Face' Book
This is on my list this year! I love a good hardback book at Christmas, always seem to get makeup ones but they are great to save and look back on through the years. Plus these ladies are the dictionary when it comes to makeup.

Zoeva Brushes
Im OBSESSED right now, these brushes are top of my recommendations! We all need them in our lives. They do sell them individually but get the sets on your Christmas List.

Maelle Beauty
The exciting new Makeup Brand which not long launched in the UK… Their must-have capsule Collection is perfect for everyones makeup kits.
They are same manufacturers as Urban Decay, Nars, Too Faced and so much more. So you know the quality is just FAB!
I love how they have duo sets for products that come hand in hand.
My fave is the 'Brow Stylist' Palette and 'Secret Illuminator'.
So perfect timing to grab the Forever Young Package  - Offer is on until MONDAY!!

Hope this hasn't got you all too carried away with your Christmas Lists, but 'Go Hard or Go Home' hahaa
Us women need these beauties, not only to look good, but you feel amazing with these luxury products!

Sophie xx


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