Friday, 16 September 2016

What do Mascara Wands really do?

So many mascara wands, so little time.
Many of you are just sold by the adverts when it comes to mascara, but what are you really buying it to do? 

Today's Feature Friday is on identifying different types of mascara wands and what the do for your lashes in a more personal description.
We go through mascara quicker than any other makeup product. Due to mascaras either drying up quickly, getting cloggy or purely going over its use by date (which is 4-6 months) 
Using old mascara can cause eye infection, none of us want that now do we.
Oh and do NOT share mascara, this is the easiest way to spread bacteria and cause stye's.

A huge trend is false lashes at the moment but do we want to wear and apply them everyday? Just let them give you the glamour when you go out, and invest in a good working mascara that makes your eyes pop! 

So there's lots you may not know about what different mascara wands can do for the appearance and finish of your lashes, don't be sold by the pretty tube, or beautiful lash model, it's all about what the mascara does for you! 
Here's what they do...

Fat and fluffy wand - great for wide eye and volmuising look
These wands have soft, packed out bristles and from the compressed space this creates tones of volume, so perfect for those with think sparse lashes.

Comb wand - all about the length! 
Combs individually coat the lashes to enhance and add extra length, beautiful for bottom lashes as well.
Sparse bristle wand - Volume and length in one! 
Not as packed out as the fluffy wands but enough to thicken up and also add the extra length to give that full doll eyed look.

Ball top wand - A newer wand that's not around as much but this will give you the flutter factor.
Get right in from root to tip, inner to outer lashes with this little beauty. Those light lashes you never see, you will find them with this wand. So this brush will give you a full, feathered look.

Curved wand - Flaunting your natural curve.
This wand grips lashes to bend, and secure them in to setting with a curl. Worked best when slowly going through the lashes to enhance the curl before they dry.

Do you know what finished effect your wanting with you makeup wands? 

Want more than your natural lashes and extra wow factor...
I offer Individual flutter lashes for just £15, these last 1-2 weeks and give a full, feathered look with a natural, comfy feel.
Contact me to book yours.


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