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Lilly Ghilachi VS Amsi Beauty Lashes

As you may all know, I have recently teamed up with Amsi Beauty - a UK based online Beauty retailer stocking the famous Lilly Lashes, and Lipland Cosmetics. They are now setting up their own line of lashes inspired by lily lashes offering you the best quality and designs for better prices.for
I will be their personal make-up artist to test products, give reviews, do onine videos and much more to come in the pipeline, it will be an exciting journey and I look forward to keeping you all updated and in the loop.
I will have a page on their website which will post all recent updates from our work together, and any event/news we have planned.

I was lucky to be the first one to test these beauties. So I feel privileged to have the first samples of Amsi's new upcoming lashes, which I will be stocking as well as Lilly Lashes for anyone booking makeup applications with me.

For this post, I will be comparing the 2 lashes with my opinions and experience with each brand.
I have tested:
Lilly Ghilachi - Miami Lashes
Amsi Beauty - From the Grandeur Collection (No individual names as of yet, but will update you when they are released)

Just because these 2 were the most similar in thickness and length which makes more sense to review them, the other pair of Amsi Lashes I had sent to me were .... These ones are a lot lighter and fine compared to the others. Their will be lots more designs to purchase wether you like your lashes thick, thin, long or short. There's a pair for everyone.

First off I want to state that both brands use MINK hairs - Mink lashes are real Brazilian hairs and are premium false lashes, they are light and flexible compared to the usual synthetic hairs that other brands use. They create a more soft, feathered glamorous look.
And I also used Eylure Adhesive Glue - I swear by this, no matter what brand of lash!

I had a full day wearing each pair. The first ones I tried were Lilly Lashes.
I had been eyeing up a pair of these for such a long time!
Lilly Ghilachi is a reality TV star in the US featuring on the Bravo TV on a programme called 'Shahs of Sunset'. She also has a crazy famous Instagram page where she uploads lots of glamorous photos and flawless makeup looks where she also wears her Lily Lashes.
They are also very well known for the big Celebrity Status these lashes have, which have been worn on people such as Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and many more including well known social media makeup artists.
(I will be reviewing the ones Kylie Jenner wears.)

The Lilly Lashes I have are part of the 3D Mink Collection named 'Miami'. (Photo below)
These lashes are double stacked to create the extra volume and thickness when applied onto the upper lash line. They have a thick black band on the root which are great to apply with or without eye liner.
They are re-usable and recommended for 20-25 wears but I would say they will last much longer if you look after them well. (I have put my top tips at the bottom of this blog post)

From how thick the design of these are I really expected them to feel very heavy on the eyes compared to other thick lashes I have brought previously (Eylure) But they were the complete opposite! They felt a good weight for the thickness which was a great feeling.
I did need to slightly trim the length of the band as they were a little to big for my eyes, but as soon as I did they sat very comfortable on the eye.

Maybe I'm being biased as I find lashes so easy to apply now, much like a second nature for me so I didnt find the application hard at all. They have a great flexible band which are easy to bend and fit with the curve of your eyelid.

The final look of the lashes once applied were amazing! They looked so full and volumised without the synthetic hair look which made them blend in great with my natural lashes.
Heres a makeup look I created where I also used these Lilly Lashes.

Through the day these lashes lasted without a flick of a corner! Which I am so happy about as other extra thick lashes I have used in the past start to peel at the corner due to the heaviness of the hairs, but with these being mink hairs they do not have the pressure applied on the band so much.

Overall a great 9/10 for Lilly Lashes as they checked of every box and more for how comfortable they were. I would definitely recommend - It would be 10/10 but I just find the price of £24 quite pricey, but they are a must-buy if you want that special pair for any occasion.

Heres a NEW brand that not many of you will know yet but you wait! They will hit is like a storm.
Their lashes are inspired by many premium brands but are processed with great quality and throughout process into exactly what the clients want.
They are made in the same factory as Lilly Lashes so you should expect similar great quality.
(Both styles of Amsi Beauty Lashes I have - I am reviewing the TOP pair)
Top pair are from the Grandeur Collection and bottom are from the Bliss Collection - Individual names are coming soon.

I will say these Amsi Lashes are slightly longer then the Miami lashes but still a great comparison.
This time I was slightly more giving on the fact that these thick lashes wouldn't be as heavy as synthetic hairs after trialling Lilly's and again they were just amazing!
They did not feel heavy, or weighted on my eyes, they just felt very feathered and naturally soft.

I applied them the exact same way as I always do and again the band was flexible to shape with your eyes which sat perfectly natural and looked so striking. Of course these were slightly longer but they didnt look fake, they had the natural look to the hairs which were again soft and feathered.
They would be great of any special occasion for a look that maybe focussed on your eyes as its the first place that would catch peoples eye.
Heres a photo of me wearing Amsi Lashes, with minimal eye makeup, just liquid liner.

They lasted all day long again which couldn't be any better! So on average both Amsi and Lilly Lashes were very similar, I wouldn't be able to put either of them down.

I would rate Amsi a 10/10 due to their prices being a lot more affordable to build a wider collection as they are the exact same quality.
Well done Amsi Beauty!

In my opinion I would still purchase both brands especially if you wanted specific styles but you can't go wrong with either of them.

- Apply using tweezers to get a better grip on the lashes as they are quite scattered hairs.
- Leave glue to go tacky for 10-15 seconds before applying onto the skin, will help stick better.
- Be careful when removing - pull from outer corner across to the centre
- Peel off excess glue that remains on the strip, for longer reuses.

I hope you enjoyed my 'VS' post, I think these are great for future clients to base their purchases with a helping hand.
If you were wanting to book any makeup applications with myself please email me at
And quote if you were wanting any Lilly or Amsi Lashes on your booking. I can then send you our styles.

Sophie xx


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