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Autumn/Winter Bridal Trends 2016/17

Its September already... Which means 'Fall' wedding season has approached us.
So a bridal trend blog post is in order to help any of my fall brides and all upcoming brides who are just interested and doing their bit of research on the makeup trends.

Its a hard decision when your getting married and it comes down to the way you look. 
Dress shopping has to be down to your figure and what suits you best, hair styling depends on the texture and length of your hair and makeup is as important when it comes down to your face shape and skin tone. 
Of course I'm not sat in front of you right now, suggesting what is best for you when it comes to your makeup look but these trends will help narrow down any thoughts of maybe new ideas for you that you would be willing to try.

Every look is adaptable and enhancing for every face, is just finding the correct way.
When booking me as your personal makeup artist on your big day I will listen to your thoughts, ideas and requirements to how you want and normally have your makeup on a daily basis as this is important to feeling yourself on your wedding day then I would recommend and adapt more ideas to compliment your looks incorporating these trends or any ideas you may like.

If you want to learn more about your skin tone and skincare product knowledge, download my FREE 'Perfecting Skin' eBook here -

A trial is very important when booking a makeup artist, not only to love the look but timing is a must on the day! You don't want to be late to your own wedding just because you wanted to change you hair or makeup looks.

Heres a breakdown of Fall 2016/17 Bridal makeup trends.

Vampy (Blotted) Lips
They are back, and this is why I love fall! A deep berry shade actually suits everyone when you find the correct tone. But this season on the runway a berry lip is always paired with minimal, fresh skin.
'Blotted' is also a toned down effect from using lipsticks straight from the tube. Use your fingers to warm the product and tap all over the lips. This then uses minimal product and looks a lot softer for a bride to keep up throughout the day, without it looking too intense.
(Image - Zuhair Murrad)

Healthy Skin
No shiny, matte or dry looking skin this season. We are keeping that healthy summer glow in out skin to project the natural radiance that we can all enhance through having the correct skincare.
This is greatly achieved with a light coverage foundation buffed into the skin. For a higher coverage need just layer up the product instead of using a thicker foundation. This will keep it more natural looking. I think the strobing from summer would compliment this look hugely and contouring is so last year!
(Image - Vera Wang)

Sultry Liner
This look never goes away, it seems to be everyones go to look. Some prefer it on the water line but this season brides should go for it on the top lash line with a slight cat flick to give that more sultry looking eye. You want your groom to be mesmerised by you, and sultry eyes will make him melt.
(Image - Oscar de la renta)

Inner Glow
Such an exciting new trend that is hitting a storm! Inner glow means a light/white shade product in the inner corners of your eyes. Wether its iridescent glitters or shimmer, white liner, or a pearl white eyeshadow this will do wonders for a striking look.
It will straight away make your eyes appear wider and brighter. Who doesn't want to look fresh and bright eyed on their wedding day... with that sultry liner = dreamy! 
(Image - J.Mendel)

Textured Lips
If you were not interested in daringly going for a berry lip this winter, they go for this complete alternative - a textured lip would be a lipstick or balm matching your natural lip tone but layered with gloss so give the dimentional texture whilst also making those lips look volumised, all from a little gloss. 
If your ok with shimmer on the lips go get that iridescent lip gloss! The glitter pigment will make your lips pop, and give a statement to your whole look. Amazing for brides who want minimal on their big day. You all need a focus area.
(Image - Angel Sanchez)

Hair Control
Im still talking makeup ladies, don't worry! Hair control means groomed brows and lashes this season.
Grow out them brows months before the wedding, get them well groomed ready for the big day, then brush upwards and across with your brow gels to set them hairs and define your face.
Lashes are then going for the 'curled' look this season, so get your natural ones LVL'd or if you prefer falsies go for short and curled not long. Short lashes will give more volume and thickness to the hairs and will benefit with our sultry trend.

I am in love with the makeup trends for our brides with fall. It is very natural but also VERY enhancing with our features. You will be amazed.

If you are interested in having a makeup artist for your big day please feel free to email me at with your Name, Wedding Date and Venue.

I also have a very special offer to all 2016 brides who are getting married from September - December. So don't miss out on your special day and email me with your dates as soon as possible.

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Sophie xx


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