Friday, 12 August 2016

REVIEW: Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

I thought this was a perfect time to blog about one of my favourite skincare products as summer is the time of year when you get sunburn or your children getting cuts and grazes from running around.
Well this is the product you need! It's like a doctor in a tube, I know!!!

I've always got this on hand but amazingly I brought Septemebers issue of 'Hello Fashion' magazine and noticed that if you subscribe for a year (just £12) you receive a full 50ml tube of 'eight hour cream' 
Seeing as I pretty much buy this magazine at £1.50 every month I may as well subscribe AND get this cream (worth £15) 

I may as well review this product and rave about how good this is and what it comes in handy for, so you don't miss the chance of receiveing this offer! I'm guessing this offer will be on until the beginning of Septemeber just before they release Octobers edition.
So grab it while you can! I will post the website link at the bottom of this post so it will take you straight to the subscribers page.
I have also stated some amazing makeup tips that I have descovered on my travels that may come in so handy and save you money! (Keep reading)

Elizabeth Arden - 8 hour cream has been out for yearssss, I'd be surprised if you hadn't seen it around or even tried it! 
It's described to 'help soothe, restore, soften and protect chapped, dry or mildly irritated skin' so yeah, pretty much everything! Haha
It's most famous for chapped lips, rough/dry spots and patches on the knees, feet and elbows, softening cuticles, minor burns, sunburn and peeling and lastly, scrapes and abrasions.
Covered about everything you can think of right? And it works!!!
I absolutely love this mainly for burns, I'm a hazard when it comes to handling oven trays so I apply this straight away. I used to get scars from these burns so I did put this on these scars and they actually disappeared. (Takes around 1 week religiously) That's the first time I fell in love with this product and it's just a go to cream for anything now. 
I have been using it lots over this summer to keep my lips smooth and prevent chapping (it's a stressy time of year so I tend to bite my lips🙈)

That brings me to the taste of this cream. It is not pleasant, put it that way, which may have prevented me biting my lips this summer haha.
The texture is a very thick, gel-like barrier cream which is perfect for applying it like a treatment but can also be rubbed into the skin after a few minutes. It's soaks in well but does leave a slight shine as it does stick to the top layer of the skin well.
It is a sticky texture when left on thick but once rubbed it it feels and looks more like a moisturising oil.
So there are a few ways to use this product.

I also have a few top makeup tips featuring this product that I have learnt on my travels...
- This can remove waterproof mascara! Apply then wipe off with cotton wool.
- Intense hydration face mask that you can wear throughout the night (amazing to gain that natural glowing skin)
- Cracked heels no more!!! Get this on your feet before you jet of on holiday
- Got the flu? We hate the flaky red nose, so get this on 
- The beaut summer trend of 'glossy lids' you don't need another makeuo product for this, just use this cream
- Apply this over your makeup on your cheekbones for a natural highlight without any colour
- Eyebrow fixer was a thing, save your money and comb this cream through.
- Can even be used as a hair serum to tame that frizz.

Do you have any of the above problems/issues with your skin? 
Or maybe you just need this product for future reference.
It is defiantly an offer which can't be missed and Hello Fashion is also a great monthly magazine containing everything from fashion, beauty to travel and celebs.

Follow this link to receive your subscription and free 8 hour cream.

Sophie xx

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