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My Summer Holiday Skincare Routine

The second edition to 'My Summer holiday' but today is all about ,y skincare routine and products which I used while I was in Corfu for 2 weeks.

Like I always say, your skin is the most important thing to getting flawless, stunning makeup.
For reasons which your skin needs certain ingredients, care and attention on a regular basis. 
I had a completely different beauty bag compared to my makeup kit this holiday, which of course I filled to my hearts content.
So today I will list and breifly describe each product in which order I used these.

First of, being on holiday in a hot country like Corfu, you NEED hydration and moisture products.
You may say, 'no, my skin is oily I don't want moisture' but no matter your skin type, in this humidity and heat your skin needs it! 

You will tell from even one day of lying or walking around in that sun.
No matter how dry or oily your skin in they both need moisture for the same reasons, your skin just expresses it differently. Oily skin types hugely benefit from adding more moisture to your skin as it will clean out the excess oils that release from you face on a regular basis, to take out and put back in the correct moisture from the creams you apply onto the skin.
(This is also an experience I have had in the past)
With dry skin, you mainly need more intense moisture to get deeper into the skin and hydrate from the bottom and throughout. Another great extra for dry skin is pure oils. Pure oils condition the skin from a deeper surface and prepare ready for moisturise which gets applied on top.

So you now have an idea of what moisturiser does and why we need it, but my main message in this blog post is 'SUN WILL DRY YOUR SKIN OUT' 
Think of your skin like a sponge, you wet it and it soaks everything up, and you leave it out in the sun, or around heat and it shrivels up and goes dry - your skin is the exact same. Even the skin across your whole body. 
You use an aftersun on holiday right? (Because your body gets dry skin and starts to peal) Then think of the face the same way but with extra care as your face in a lot more sensitive and you have thinner layers of skin which need protecting.

Now onto the products I used...
From the moment I wake up and wash I start of with my 
Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser - this cleanser remover impurities and excess sebum (oil) whilst also adding moisture with its silky texture.
After cleansing in the morning I applied 
Clinique Moisture Surge - Their best selling moisturiser is such a light texture which is a gel like form when applied onto the skin, it plumps and hydrated the skin for a full 24 hours and also gets rid of any tight or flakiness.
This cream would be my daily moisturiser as its light weight and refreshingly comfortable to wear all day in the sun.

This cream does not contain SPF, I prefer to add specific SPF myself when I'm away on holiday p, which is why I brought
Lancaster Face Protection (SPF 30) - also called the 'Sun Beauty Velvet Touch Cream'
I can not express how much I love this sun care brand! They have exclusive infrared technology which protects your skin beyond UVB and UVA filters as well as declining rays to help skins firmness and eleasticity. The best bit... It contains a tan activator which brings better menalin to the surface of your skin to achieve a even, deeper flawless tan.

I applied this sun protection every 2 hours from the minute I left my hotel room until I went in to get ready for the evening. 
I prefer I higher factor for my face (I used SPF 15 on my body) due to my skin being more sensitive on my face which tends to be easier to burn and I also want to prevent getting myself any 'sun spots' - sun spots are sun damage and cause pigmentation (freckle-like) spots.

Once I enjoyed my day of soaking up the sun, I would go back to the room and get showered.
I would then reuse 'Shiseido cleanser' in the shower to cleanse off all of the dirt and previous creams on my face 
My moisturiser for the evening, before I apply my makeup is
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream - a rich but lightweight texture which instantly moisturises and hydrates the skin and ideal for base makeup.
After a day of sun exposure and makeup products on my skin, I got in from each evening and did my night time routine of,
Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil - this oil disoves and removes makeup whilst maintaining the skins natural balance.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum - this maximises natural night time skin renewell, has anti-ageing technologies and reveals more smoother and radiant skin.

Bobbi Brown Extra Hydrating Night Cream- this one is the same as my evening moisturiser but more intense and luxurious. It helps boost your skins ability to recharge and rehydrate throughout the night whilst plumping any fine lines and improving the tone and texture.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Eye Sculpt serum - I prefer eye creams that are not too rich a proud the eyes, so serums are perfect for this. This is the 'gold eye tech' edition. It ensures brighter, smoother and more radiant eyes, deminishes dark circles and puffiness whilst also lifting the eye lids.
Can't beat this eye serum, has everything you need it to do, and also contains the amazing Royal jelly from the pure black bee honey which are known for its repair properties.

I love to go to bed with a well cleansed and moisturised face, with it feeling quite thick as I love the extra hydration through the night to throughly moisture the loss of the day time when I'm on holiday.
My skin then feels plumped and conditioned when I wake up in the morning. 

Whilst over there every shop sold so much skincare, mainly olive oil product which they are known for.
So many olive oil workshops, and of course the food is covered in it. 
But I did come across lots of other pure oil bottles, one caught my eye, which was Avocado oil which I did purchase as it claimed to smooth and brighten skin. It is high in vitamin E and also great for acne.
I am going to use this one a week for a deep moisture at night time, as I don't want to over power my skin with oil every day, so introducing new products slowly is the best way to do it.
I will keep you updating in a few weeks time.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I know it's a long one but its in depth enough to teach you the basic of every product and wether it's right for you.
If you have any questions people feel free to contact me. Or if you want a product reviews more in depth just let me know and I will get to it ready for 'FEATURE FRIDAY' 

Love Sophie X 


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