Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Autumn/Winter Makeup Trends 2016/17

We are all making the most of the summer trends with our sun kissed, radiant faces while we enjoy the sun that we are kind of getting, but now I'm about to put you into Autumn/Winter thoughts for the makeup trends in the upcoming season.

You can either get stocked up or start experimenting now as there are lots of exciting looks for this season that I am so excited to try!

First ill recap the main trends in the major cities...
Paris - Seductive eyes, and statement coloured lips
Milan - A statement feature, either lips, cheeks or eyes
London - Fresh and bright skin, still following from the summer (I think were trying to keep the summer in our minds)

This trend is not going to fade for a long time. Everyone is loving the fresh, healthy, glowing skin to enhance our glowing features all year round.

A flush of colour on the cheeks can brighten up a look and appear more youthful, this pairs beautifully with minimal makeup looks such as the fresh skin, just to keep the focus on the cheeks.

For this trend, one part of the face is the focus. It could be your eyes or lips such as a textured eye or a glossy lip as these were the main features on the catwalk this season.

Cant beat a high shine on the eyes for winter season, as something needs to stand out like the summer, so the extra dimension of shimmer or wet look gels compliment the eyes when on fresh skin.

Lots of BLACK liner on the lower lash line was seen on so many of the shows for Autumn/Winter. It a look that has faded due to the black liner on out upper lash line, and we only really put black liner on our waterline if we have smokey eyes, so why not bring this on back and even give it a slight smudge to add extra texture.

We saw a range of shades on the catwalk for coloured lipsticks such as, Peach, Coral, Berry and Vibrant Red. So for autumn winter these are brighter than what we usually expect but they just look striking to pick you up for these dull days.

These textures and effects are similar to the wet look/shimmer eyes but this eye theme is a lot more pigmented with strong metallic foils and warm bronzed eyes that have been pulled along from summer. Cant beat a bronzed eye, they go with anything!
This was also blended out right up to the brown bone, so stay away from the 80's if you try this, make sure you use the correct shades and keep blending this up and out to soften any shard edges.

Slight change from the basic smokey eyes, feline as shaped upwards into a point to elongate and exaggerate the eyes which actually open up our eye area and look gorgeously feminine. No more panda eyes ladies.

Spring/Summer had a lot of focus on bold lashes, this season is all about getting that natural curl to really lift and open the eyes up. The curl is more lifted from the roots instead of wanting the length on the tips. So it has a lot more perm, curled from the base to keep our lashes lifted and curled.

Think more than 'Shimmer' we want Glitter and iridescent sparkle.  Your eyes will pop more than ever with this. A easy way to pull off this look is to directly add the glitter right on the centre of they eyelid. Can be bold glitter or pigmented glitter as these stand out and sit on the top of your skin the best.

Stained lips are back from winter 2015. An easy, effortless lip that can be achieved just with your fingers, pat this over your lips or just in the centre and blend out. Your good to go, and bang on trend.

This one stood out to me the most and I'm excited to see this turn into a major trend.
So we've had the cut crease eyes (I doubt they will be going anywhere soon) Now we have socket liner, so like a cut crease eye this is applied as a more defined line, right on the socket. How easy can it get. Experiment with colours, I think a plum or deep green will also look amazing instead of just going for black.

Hope this was interesting for you all to see the upcoming trends and also get you prepared and practicing for when you can start nailing these looks.

Sophie x



  1. I love popping lips! However useless at applying red lipstick without getting it everywhere, least I have some time to practice xx

    1. Can't go wrong with a popping lip.
      Try using lip liner first Hun, then go around the outside of the lips with concealer using a concealer brush and blend into your foundation.
      Not only gives perfect lip line but also makes your lips look more plumped xx


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