Friday, 17 June 2016

REVIEW: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

After Wednesdays blog post on 'High Coverage Foundation Recommendations' I promised to feature the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation on Fridays post.
This is my latest daily foundation since getting back from my holiday in May.
I'd heard good reviews on this one for so long and the fact that it was still high coverage (which is what I look for in a foundation) and that it was a luminous finish made me want it even more.

Spring/Summer is all aimed at radiant, glowing skin which I wanted within my foundation for this season. I do find it important to mix up your foundations each season to change your skin finish as each season effects your skin differently.

So more on the foundation! NARS is a brand I love, there are so many brilliant products that I recommend but this foundation would be most popular right now for those of you who love a high coverage and radiant finish. I would say this is matte in any way, so just because its high coverage doesn't mean that it gives a matte finish.
Although using a loose powder would be advised if you do struggle with oils as this foundation doesn't completely sink into the skin, due to the radiant effect - so powdering down the T-Zone and under the eyes would prevent any wear throughout the day.

The consistency of this foundation is NOT what I expected... For a full coverage foundation most people and myself would expect a thicker consistency but this is literally like serum-like liquid straight from the pump. I use 3 pumps (Which are small) and its plenty for the whole face.
The texture is a very watery liquid but the magic of this foundation is that once you work this into your skin or palm of your hand the texture warms up and thickens to make it easy to apply and work into your face. This is the main reason for why I love this foundation.
I will warn you that if you are not used to this texture or use brushes to apply your foundation then this will seem very alienated at first.
I soon got used to this foundation and worked out easier and better ways to use this foundation on my skin.

My top tip would be to pump into the palm of your hands (maybe 1 pump at a time) then aim at certain areas first using your fingers which warm up the product amazingly. Finish the whole face with that method then go back in using your beauty blender and sponge over your face to get that set, even and flawless coverage.
I did try this with a stippling brush but I would not recommend, due to this foundation needing the warmth of blending and not with synthetic hairs and this did end up looking streaky and didn't really develop from the original liquid texture which made the foundation not sink into my skin.

Last but not least this foundation IS long-lasting, whether you used the with or without setting powder this lasted at least 12 hours on my face with me working non stop.
I did use this foundation on the hot days that we had in England (which is rare) and it did feel too oily on my skin so on that day i did set it with powder and it was absolutely fine.

So I would highly recommend this foundation if you are wanting a change this summer and want to bring out your natural radiance whilst keeping a high coverage foundation.

I would love to know your opinions on this foundation?
And what you would love to see on the blog next week.

Love Sophie xx

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