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My Top Recommended Face Primers

For Feature Friday I did a review on my favourite face primer 'Guerlain Meteorites Peales Primer.
Read it HERE to get the full review including what it does and how it works...

Today is a post based on a range of face primers that I recommend which are all great for different skin types.
Getting the right product for your skin type is very important, imagine your skin being dry and you get a primer for oily skin? This will not have the right benefits for you and will probably effect your skin more than you expect.

In my upcoming 'ONLINE MAKEUP LESSONS' which will be released this summer will explain and help identify your skin type within the lesson so that your makeup goes on and lasts like a dream.
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You may be thinking 'I don't need a primer' because... 'I can save money without one' or 'I can keep touching up my makeup' or many more excuses?
I would highly recommend a primer! Consider it more of a skincare routine... something you always need.
Primers are known to keep your makeup lasting longer. Which is a great bonus as you know you don't want to be touching up your face every hour of the day when your makeup is sliding off.
This prepares the skin to grab the pigment you put on top, this is of course how the foundation lasts longer on a primer base than when you don't use one.
Another bonus from a primer is that it helps smooth out and even your skin tone for when you apply the rest of your makeup. This is where your skin type comes into your choice of primer.
Carry on reading to see which primer would be best for your skin.

Ok so let me get started on my favourite primers that I would recommend you all to consider in your makeup routine...
SMASHBOX have a wide range of primers now, also known as the 'Photo Finish Foundation Primer'
With this product their literally is one for every skin tone, so this brand makes it easy.
They have, Original, Light (thinner consistency), Hydrating (Dryer skin types), Blemish Control (Oily, spot prone skin)
More fab extras are considered for - Colour Correcting, Luminising, Pore Minimising, Dark Spot Corrector and I think thats all!
Exactly, there is one for everyone... So I could stop there but there are other amazing brands with all in one primers.
They also now sell 'Primer Oil' and 'Primer Water' if you preferred a different texture, they all work the same.

A great one for Oily Skin/Large Pores (which can be created from oily skin) is 'BENEFIT Porefessional', This one is a thick consistency, more like a paste which goes all over the skin. Although it is thick this product easily blends and absorbs into the skin leaving your skin feeling so smooth and silky.
Benefit also do a 'Porefessional Matte Rescue Primer' now so this would be more for oily skin wanting an extra matte finish which controls the oil all day long.

Do you have one or more of the following?
- Uneven skin?
- Pigmentation?
- Normal-Combination skin tone?
Well the 'GUERLAIN Meteorites Peales Primer' (Which was my last product review) is the one for you, this evens out and corrects your skin tone with the luxurious beads which burst in every pump to leave you with flawless, even skin and a matte effect.

Dry Skin types I would recommend 'GUERLAIN L'or Primer' This is pretty much the opposite to the Meteorites so it is aimed at the opposite skin type more for Dry/Dehydrated skin, wanting radiance and glow to brighten up your skin tone.
This one comes like a lightweight clear gel with Gold Leaf specs throughout the fluid, these burst with hydration and radiance as soon as the pump is applied to the skin.

All these primers are used in the same way. As a base to your makeup which is applied after your skincare routine but before you foundation.
They can be all applied with your fingers as this warm up the product better on the skin and helps absorb straight into the layers of your skin, preparing your skin for the next step which will leave you with flawless, long-lasting makeup.

I hope this has helped you with identifying a primer which is perfect for yourself
Or made you realise you need a primer in your routine. You will see a difference!
Some of these primers do things that your skincare and foundation can't. Primers are made for being applied before your foundation so they know they need to work their magic to leave your face looking amazing!

Love Sophie x


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