Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My 'On The Go' Make-up Bag

A lot of people struggle with what products/tools they need in their handbags everyday.
Some people throw their whole makeup bag in, others just keep a lipstick in a pocket.

Well today I will list my 'on the go' makeup bag as these are the products that I need most throughout the day once my makeup is on since morning.

You don't need much, just certain tools and products work wonders for multiple uses which saves space and weight in your bag.
I don't always need to carry my 'on the go' bag as my makeup does seem to stay on through the day, thanks to primer and setting spray... Invest!! Its worth it.

So to start off I have this gorgeous little Burberry Clutch which hold so much! This is also perfect for a night out clutch bag so its a win win.
I do need a smaller one, but a makeup bag is the last thing on my list right now, it doesn't beat all of the makeup that I want I'm afraid.

So the main tool I love to carry are my Eyeko Eyelash Curler - Lash curlers are a saviour as throughout the day I loose that curl and volume in my lashes, so a quick squeeze of these just brighten my eyes up again. Also if i am wearing lashes they are great to open up the eyes and stop the lashes from dropping as lashes can be quite heavy on the eyes.

Eyelure Lash Glue is a MUST for me as I do wear lashes most of the time so after very long days I do find that my lash feels loose in the corners so I need a touch up for the glue. My lashes usually do last all day as this glue is great anyway but if I'm going from morning to late night then I might need it.

MAC Fix + - You may have read my review last week (HERE) and I just need this everyday to freshen up my skin throughout the day and also use it as a cooling spray when I'm trapped in small environments i just need fresh air.
I carry this in the travel size, its much smaller and compact.

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer for any blemishes that I may have from time to time or touching up my under eye to prevent looking tired.

Nars Multiple Stick in 'Copacobana' I loveeee this multiple stick its the perfect highlight colour.
So this is great to touch up on all the high points of my face as I love to always have radiant glowy skin. I top this up on my cheekbones, browbone, cupids bow and if i have no eye makeup on this looks great in the inner corner to really brighten up your eyes.
These stick come in all sort of shades, not just highlights, so other shades like pink can be great for extra blush, or topping up your lips.

My Lipstick and Lipliner of the day, this of course depends on what I want to wear on the day, and this pretty much changes everyday.
I just love how lip liners give your lips the perfect shape.
Right now my go too lip products are my Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick and Lipliner.
Some Extras i have to carry are -
Mini Fragrance (30ml or samples)
Water - I drink wayyyy to much <3
Hand gel - I have OCD when it comes to washing my hands before I eat. haha

Hope this helped you pack your 'on the go' makeup bag, maybe yours needed condensing or you just carry way too much than what you need.


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