Friday, 17 June 2016

Full Coverage Foundation Recommendations

Been a rubbish Beauty Blogger this week, but I've been a busy bee!
I thought i'd do a random blog post today on 'Full Coverage Foundations'
For saying its summer i'm still getting lots of ladies ask me about the best full coverage foundations. (Summer should be for lightweight, radiant and sheer coverage foundations you knowww)
But you've probably had enough of me rambling on about radiant skin, although if you still want that finish read HERE on how to prep the skin under your foundation to give you radiant skin even through the heavy coverage foundations that i am about to tell you about.

Ok so the obvious one would be ESTEE LAUDER - DOUBLE WEAR
This is a massively popular foundation which I'm pretty sure every woman has tried. Yes this is thick, but you asked for full coverage! This one dries extremely fast so its all about quick buffing on the skin as soon as it is applied, so do sections at a time.
They also have one of the biggest colour ranges for everyones shade!

Another Premium brand would be DIOR - FOREVER, I do have a lot of love for Dior Foundations, I do think they have a great range for different finishes on the skin, but this one is defiantly for that full, matte coverage to last you all day.

NARS - ALL DAY LUMINOUS WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION is an odd one but actually has an amazing full coverage, even though it is a radiant, dewy finish and best of all is so light weight in the bottle, but pump it into your hand and massage it into the skin turns it into a thick consistency - This is my daily foundation at the moment as I fell in love when I brought it but it is a learning curve for you brush lovers! I suggest fingers or sponges for applying this.
I will do a Review post on this on FEATURE FRIDAY this week to explain everything about this magic foundation.

CLINIQUE - BEYOND PERFECTING Foundation and Concealer just proves this is going to be full coverage if it can be used as a concealer. What concealers aren't used to cover up the hardest of imperfections? This is a really creamy consistency which i love for a full coverage foundation which makes it easier and smoother to work into the skin, it also comes on a fabulous 'large' wand like concealer sponge to apply with.

MAKEUP FOREVER - ULTRA HD FOUNDATION is one thats perfect for the cameras to achieve that full, even, photographic finish. Maybe your a lover of good selfies or have a special event that you want to be well covered for then this is the one!
It is also know to be Kim Kardashians everyday foundation... (Well her makeup artists most used) Selfie Queen

Cant leave you without a high street friendly price of my old favourite REVLON - COLOURSTAY.
This used to be one that I wore for years! It has an amazing finish, which isn't too drying or dewy, and sets well with powder for it being a full coverage, as I have found some go a little separated and also comes in 2 types, one for oily/combo skin and another for dry skin.

Hope these 5 foundations are some help to your ladies makeup bags.
Please feel free to message me with any questions or blog posts you would like to see.
And keep updated on Friday to see my Nars foundation review.

Sophie xx


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