Monday, 2 May 2016

Why We All Need Baby Powder In Our Beauty Bags!!

Baby Powder? In my makeup bag? I know that's what your thinking.
Today I want to share with you how this product is a 'top beauty must-have' with tips and tricks on its multi-purpose uses.

Baby powder is under £1 to buy and it can be a saviour, or a must for everyone's needs. 
So how can you go wrong with a product so useful and cheap.

I know you will be interested in all of these uses, and you will be seeing baby powder as a more important product in your beauty routine and I'm sure you will be buying it in bulk when you read them.
Here's 10 top tricks from your makeup to your body.

1. Thickens up your lashes - by applying baby powder on your lashes as the base before you apply your mascara will basically become a lash primer and give you full volumised lashes without false strips.

2. Set you makeup - use as a setting powder over the whole face to soak up those excess oils and freshen up the skin with a cooling feel. Or if you want the dewy skin look, just set your concealer under the eyes to prevent creasing. Can also be used on your eyelids as a primer too.

3. Make your lipstick last longer - seal the lips with baby powder in between applications to hold the pigment to the lips and also prevents lips from looking cakey.

4. Full in your Brows - after your brow pencil, sprinkle baby powder onto a brow brush and comb through to plump up them hairs.

5. Dry shampoo - some of you may already know this one, but those dry shampoo cans you all splash out on, it's pretty much just talc powder, so save your pennies and sprinkle baby powder on your roots and spread throughout the hair.

6. Sweat control in the summer - wether your going for a run or it's a hot clammy day, apply this onto the skin and prevent irritating rubbing skin (e.g. inbetween thighs) 
Also a day on the beach with all that annoying sand, run this over the body and brush off to remove sweat, oils and sand.

7. Deodorant - on the go sweating? Tap that baby powder under your arms to absorb the oil and control sweating. (Can also get scented baby powder) 
Same goes for your feet. Sprinkle into your trainers or shoes, especially in the summer, it will also keep them smelling fresh.

8. Uncomfortable hot nights sleep? - sprinkle onto your bed sheets to keep you cool and dry all night.

9. Before waxing - will make the wax grab ahold of your hairs better and will also soothe and cook any irritation.

10. After shaving - leaves skin feeling fresh with the cooling drying effect after shaving legs/underarms.

I'm sure there are tons more tips, but I think these beauty and lifestyle ones are most useful.

I hope you learnt lots from this one amazing product.
Do you use baby powder in you beauty kit? 
Any other tips you use baby powder for? 

Sophie xxx


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