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How To Achieve The 'No-Makeup Makeup' Trend

If you haven't heard of the 'No-Makeup Makeup trend this is a massive one for Spring/Summer 2016.
It is a look which is focussed on perfected skin and everything looking very natural, minimal and flawless although the sound of 'No-makeup' sounds easy but is actually one of the harder trends to get right.

It may sound like there are minimal products to use to achieve this look but it is the complete opposite.
Professionals tend to use twice as many products as you would think.
So for today's post I wanted to explain a few products and techniques to achieve the perfect 'No-makeup makeup' look.
I will also recommend some of my favourite products to achieve this look.

I always say that skincare is one of the most important parts of getting your makeup perfect and for this look skincare is definitely no.1
You wouldn't want to wear no makeup if you had terrible skin would you? 
So first of would be to get products that achieve a hydrated, radiant finish.
You can do your usual routine of Cleanse, Tone. Now I'm advising you to add a serum.
This serum is best if it contains brightening ingredients to brighten and give radiance in a natural way so that you skin adapts to this in its daily cycle.
(The Body Shop Drops of Light Serum)

After your serum then comes Moisturiser. Dont get these steps mixed up as lots of people ask me which way around this goes.
The serum sinks into the skin better with the help of the toner then the moisturiser secures the ingredients in and gives extra benefits to the skin.
Again you need a moisturiser which helps brighten and give that natural radiance under any makeup, all this skincare base will make the makeup look much easier.
(Nuskin AgeLOC Radiant Day cream - SPF 22)

After skincare comes the makeup.
The biggest tip to this look is a BB, CC or DD cream instead of a foundation and a Dry Oil.
I would recommend a DD cream (KIKO) as this is a tinted moisturiser, primer, protector and hydrating all in one product.
The dry oil now comes in, mix your DD cream with a drop of Oil and mix together then apply to the face or certain areas you most want the natural radiance.
By mixing the 2 together this will give a natural finish feeling like a second skin and it has that beautiful glow without highlighter. So this will give radiance on all the high points of your face which will glow beautifully in the sun this summer.
I get excited for that step! 
(KIKO Sunshine DD Cream)
(Nuxe Shimmering Dry Oil)

Now onto a flush of colour, wether you prefer bronzer of blush, just sweep your powder brush in a 3 shape motion down the sides of the face. Forhead, temple, cheekbones and jawline.
These are the areas that shapes your face without the need for contouring.
Also don't forget about the top of your nose and chin, as this is where the sun hits your first.
(Guerlain Terracotta Compact bronzer)

Lightly full in the brows in an upwards motion and brush over with a spoolie to groom the main hairs on your face, this will shape your face and make your features pop.
Now apply your mascara to give your lashes that curled natural look.
A Nude pencil liner should be then applied on your waterline. This will make your eyes pop and look a lot brighter and wider for that No makeup makeup.
(Dior Brow Pencil)
(Nu Skin Curling Mascara) 
(Lord and Berry Nude Eye Liner) 

Lastly outline your lips with a lip liner 1 shade lighter than your natural lip colour. This will prevent your lips looking to full so that we stick to the no makeup makeup look.
After the lip liner a lip balm or lip oil is perfect to hydrate the lips and give them a natural shine which looks effortless.
(Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in Pillow Talk)
(KIKO or YSL lip oils)
(Nuskin Contouring lip gloss)

Now the perfect final finish that is perfect for you to carry throughout the day would be a Moisture Mist.
These are perfect for the summer to refresh your skin throughout to cool, hydrate and keep you makeup from budging.
Nu Skins Moisture mist can also be used on your body and hair which include ingredients to refresh and add moisture.

I will be doing a blog post next week all about the benefits of Moisture Mists for this summer. So keep an eye out.

I hope you gained some ideas from this look, to go "makeup free" (we wish) this summer.
If you want any Nuskin Products ordering please feel free to message or email me at

Sophie X


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