Friday, 8 April 2016

REVIEW - NEW Dior Addict Ultra Gloss

Huge new launches from Dior this month, with there 18 new formulated glosses.

I've always been hit and miss with lip glosses, due to the stickiness and the wind blowing hair stick! I know that's the reason you dislike them too ;) 

But I eventually found my favourites... Guerlain, Nars and of course Dior.
This month Dior brought out their new formulations lip glosses from the previous Dior Addict range.
Now it's Dior Addict Ultra Gloss. Their new make-up  designer Peter Philips has started of great in this brand and also has made lots of new products which will be released this summer. (I can't wait to tell you some of them)

He has created 3 different types of glosses within this range:
• Sparkling: Colour with a high concentration of glitter
• Iridescent: Colour that radiates with fine, contrasting pearlescen
t pigments

• Sheer: Clear, pure colour

Not only do these glosses add shine to the lips, they also contain lip pluming ingredients but without the tingling feeling.
The 3 main benefits are -14% immediate plumping of the lips which give a bursting, fresh shape.'Ultra-gloss' mirror shine film oil on the lips which give the appearance of a plumped glossy lip.
6 continuous hours of deep moisturisation to treat and smooth the lips.
The whole formula produces day after day volume and moisturisation on the lips which quench the water to leave them full and long-lasting. It's all great science ;)

All in Dior describe the glosses as a 'Sensational mirror shine, hydra plumping volume' which i totally agree on, as well as the shades being to die for! I need them all <3
Each gloss comes on a crystal handled applicator to easily apply on the lips with the smooth hairs on the tip of the wands.

Dior have also remade their 'Dior Addict' Lipsticks containing a hydra-gel core bursting throughout the product which can be great if you prefer lipsticks but want the same effects including the mirror shine which is hard to gain from a lipstick, although i find the shades more sheer.
The whole new collection includes Lip glosses, lipsticks and Nail Polishes which all have matching shades.

If you love the sound of these lip glosses but want one in a clear shade, the skincare brand I work along side sells pretty much the same benefits but has an extra benefit of a contouring gel inside which can also be used as a massaging treatment to help the collagen boost which gives the full effect of the lips no matter how small/thin your lips may feel.
You will be amazed!
Just contact me if you would like one of these and I can get one straight to you, at also a cheaper price than these Dior ones. 

Have you treated yourself to one of these yet?

Are you considering treating yourselves to one?

Love Sophie xx


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