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REVIEW: Bare Minerals - Mineral Veil

I'm sure I've got my point out there about getting GLOWING SKIN for Spring/Summer 2016, all well and good if you have taken my advice and managed to try/buy the recommended products and practice of how I've explained, but not everyone is a 'Glowing skin' lover.
There is a great percentage that love a matte, set look with their skin.
Maybe the reason to this would be people with excessive oily skin - which means you need a skincare consultation from me <3
I do offer this free service to let everyone achieve the perfect normal skin type which is a lot easier to tolerate, which getting your skincare routine is the number 1 thing to do. Message me if you would like me to help and recommend the perfect products specially for you.

Whilst this blog post today will help anyone who does have this issue or just prefers a matte base, or even wants the glowing skin but also needs to control the oil, then carry on reading...

My number 1 go to setting powder is Bare Minerals Mineral Veil.
No you do not have to buy the whole Bare Minerals makeup set for this to work, you can pat and layer this over any of your daily makeup.
Of course if you love all your makeup to be mineral makeup I would recommend to go to your nearest Bare Minerals and get matched up with your perfect colour so that you have the complete package, but lots of people love a mix of products.

I love liquid foundations so I couldn't imagine wearing complete minerals all over my face, but sometimes I just need that setting powder to hold my makeup or prevent those small creases.
With this mineral veil you can tap this powder over any areas you are wanting to set and it holds perfectly!

Bare Minerals describe this product as -
Get the ultimate flawless finish while protecting your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Make the most of your makeup with Mineral Veil® finishing powder, a see-through but spectacular finale for any kind of complexion. Minimising lines, absorbing oils, and softening your complexion, it gives you a flawless finish that's too good to miss. And best of all, it's utterly weightless. Just a bare veil of minerals that lock makeup in place and give your skin airbrushed perfection.

This powder does feel extremely light on the skin due to them being real minerals that sit on the skin without sinking below and clogging up pores, so this is a great product for those with sensitive/oily skin.
Translucent is my go to choice because you can always add bronzer over this powder, unless you want the colour and set all in one, darker skin tones would be best with matching the correct shade due to translucent coming across ashy at times.

These powders are perfect for anyone wanting to completely set their makeup for a matte look and to control any oil - If you are wanting to add that glow to your skin the 'powdered highlighters' are perfect to touch over the powder on the areas you are wanting to highlight.
(Read my recommended Highlighting products HERE)

If you love the glowing skin that you have already achieved, but just need that powder to set on those shiny areas, then it is best to lightly powder over your t-zone and under eyes to hold and mattify these areas whilst you still have glowing skin elsewhere.
My best advice is to add powders at the very end as if you add cream/liquid products over powders if can give a chalky, dry effect and remove areas that you are covering over.

Or Bare Minerals actually do a 'Highlighting Mineral Veil' which sets your makeup, prevents creasing ad adds that glow all in one, although make sure you know which look you want overall.

I only usually set my under eyes to prevent my concealer from creasing.
Mineral veil is easy to use and only need a tap into the lid, swirl your brush around and apply on the areas of your choice.

Please be aware that if you are interested in this product to make sure it is the 'Mineral Veil' and not the usual Mineral Foundations, they can be easy to mix up.

Do you prefer to use powders?
What powders to you love?

Sophie x


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