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The Essential Make-up Brushes You Need

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Recently I did a poll on my Twitter
What would you like to see on my blog posts throughout April?
- Product Reviews
- Advice/Tips on Make-up
- Lifestyle (work related)
- Daily Beauty Essentials
50% of the vote went to Daily Beauty Essentials so this week I'm starting off advising you with the Make-up Brushes you NEED.

The brushes I am going to recommend are the ones I use most often when doing my daily make-up and my extras for more dramatic makeup such as a night out.

Stippling Brush 
A stippling brush has fibre roots and goes into synthetic (usually) white tips. The fibre hair make this brush more dense then fanned out towards the end, you can also get these with a flat top end.
This brush can be used to apply foundation, this is best done in a circular motion to work the product into the skin for an airbrushed finish.
I prefer to use stippling brushes instead of basic flat foundation brushes.
(This can also be used for cream blushes)

Blush Brush
A blusher brush is a must as theres no other way of really applying a powdered blush.
The fuller/dense the brush, the better,
I like my blush brushes to have a pointed tip so that I can apply blusher in a circular motion from my apples to temples.

Contour brush
With contouring being one of the biggest make-up trends for 2000's then it makes sense to dedicate a brush to your 'Essentials'
The best shape would be an angled synthetic texture, this can then work with powders and cram products.

Brow Brush
Another huge trend, getting those brows on point!
You may use pencils but it's completely your choice, this definitely depends on the type of eyebrow hair your have.
A brow brush is best used with a palette product such as a wax and powder set.
This then makes it simpler to outline the brows and fill them in in the perfect shape.

Fan Brush
These brushes are the ones you get in kits and always wonder what you use them for.
They come as fibre hairs so that they are soft and fluffy.
The BEST usage would be to apply any powdered highlighters, its so simple as the shape of the brush sits on every area of the face perfectly without having to shape a hand motion.

Eyeshadow Brush
A simple flat fibre haired brush puts the basic colour straight onto the eyelids without any mess, these are also fibre hairs so they have a bit of fluff to pat onto the eyes from compact shadows to pigments and can also be used wet to turn some eyeshadows more pigmented.

Blending Brush
My no.1 when doing eye makeup. You will never create the perfect smokey eye without one of these.
They soften the edges to every eyeshadow application to give that more softened makeup look which also helps mix colours together create shadows.
These also come as fibre hair which can range from extra fluffy, more dense, short, and large.
I have multiple amounts of blending brushes, but the more you use them the easier it is to figure out which type is best for which eye look you create.

Pointed Crease
A pointed crease is needed for more precise makeup looks, such as creating sharp creases, direct colour and also under eye shading.
These are fibre hairs but some can feel harsher than others depending on goats hair or badger hair.

Concealer Brush
A flat concealer brush can be handy in all makeup looks, not only can it cover blemishes, apply under eye concealers but it can sharpen and clean up any other makeup product that is applied on your face.
These are synthetic so that the finish of the product won't stick to the brush but apply evenly onto the skin.

Sponge (Beauty Blender)
Multiple uses can come from a sponge - Foundation application, applying powders, softening any lines, sponging on cream blushes, creating sharper lines, blending under eye concealer and lots more!
These are best used damp, so slightly run these under warm water then squeeze out the excess and your good to go.

In my opinion these brushes are the most needed in anyone makeup kit, or even just to start you off, then you will get to know the basics and expand your collection on the knowledge you have learnt from your own facial feature.

If you are wanting to learn more in depth, or get the perfect recommendations personalised to yourself then a makeup lesson with me would fully describe more in depth for what brushes would suit yourself and your makeup products best.
You can contact me through my email at

I hope this has helped you sort out your brushes or help you start your brush collection :D
Keep your comments coming for what other essentials you would like me to blog about.

What are your favourite brushes?
Have you tried all of these?

Love Sophie xx


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