Tuesday, 29 March 2016

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

The most popular question I get asked is 'How do you do black flicked liner and make it so straight?' 

My answer is Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Liner. You would think pens or liquid sticks would be the obvious answer but a gel pot is all it takes.
The more practice you get, the more perfected finish you will achieve! 

So of course I have to review this product on 'Feature Friday' 
Bobbi brown products have my heart right now. There are so many product I love and couldn't live without and even some I'm still yet to get my hands on.

Not only this product being my go to liner, it also got voted InStyle's 'Best Beauty Buys 2016' which got a great review from makeup artist pro - Thomas de Kluyver.
He states that this product doesn't budge, and I can second that comment. It last all day and doesn't smudge at the slightest, giving that perfect flawless line so define that you will be getting people asking you for tips.

They not only have 'black' but a wide variety of shades which can flatter different skin colours, eye colours and hair colours. Message me if you want my opinion on shades other than black.
For example Purple/plums look beautiful on brunettes and can really beautify a look with a soft edge instead of a statement strike.
All shades from Bobbi Browns gel liners are highly pigmented so that each colour is visible no matter how thick or thin you decide to wear your liner.

Ok, so you have the product on point but you do need a liner brush without a doubt! 
There are all shapes and sizes that you can use, or what people prefer but my best recommendation would be a Synthetic Angled Brush - HERE for my favourite.

My main tip for a perfect flicked line is close one eye, slightly pull on the outer corner to give you more of a flat surface base and slowly draw a line (as close to the lash line as you can, you can thicken later) whilst pulling you hand/brush to the outer corner of the eye then STOP before the flick.
Now start at the outer corner and place the angled brush where you want the point to end, then drag your brush softly back towards the eyelid and shape into the perfect flick.
And it's as easy as that! 

I would love to see you all give this a try so please tag me in any of your photos.
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My statement everyday look is always a black flick and I can't go a day without it. 
It's a great minimal look for anyone to pull off on a daily basis then going dramatic on any night out.

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Next Tuesday on the blog - Recommended Makeup Brushes 
Hope this was helpful 

Sophie xx

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  1. Such good tips on how to apply, I'm useless at eyeliner!
    Laura x


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