Friday, 25 March 2016

Holiday Beauty Best Buys

I was lucky to fit a holiday in March this year, I was indeed needing a break with time to unwind and relax my little head.
Im always on to the next thing with my business and although I love it, I do need to give myself a rest every now and again.

I went to Lanzarote on the Canary Islands, I have been a few times some years back but it was nice to go back and see the pretty island again. I went to Puerto Del Carmen which is known as the more lively area so there was more things to do with lots of Cafes, Restaurants and Bars. I did experience lots of different foods every night out there. I don't think i had the same thing once!
Yes you all know I'm a health and fitness freak but I only let myself indulge on the evening meals but now its nice to be home and back to my old habits.

Enough on making you all jealous ;) I am posting about my favourite Holiday Beauty Buys.
Every holiday that I go on I always take a wide variety on different makeup so I have a big choice but it also makes me use different things as I am limited in a way.
So each time I always find a new product/s that I am obsessing over!
Now I'm here to fill you in on my Spring Holiday Favourites, so if you have a holiday coming up, then this may be the perfect post for you.

I haven't shut up about the Spring Glowing skin so why not add my chosen holiday glow product - Nars Copocabana Multiple Stick. I did my makeup as usual each night (I don't wear makeup in the day on holiday - too busy sweating, sunbathing in the sun) I would draw on this product from the stick on my cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow before any powder then tap this product into the skin to blend with my foundation and gosh did it work! Every refection I caught of my face, I just saw this amazing Highlight beaming through. I was in love! Another bonus of this multiple stick is it can be used anywhere and as anything. Of course this does depend on the shade you buy. So eyes, face, lips, cheeks you name it, you'll find a way.

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette was my latest eyeshadow buy before I went on holiday, I had been eyeing up this product for so long and finally came to my senses and thought 'Sod it, I can take it as my holiday makeup palette' so thats just what I did. This of course make me have no choice but to use these eyeshadows so I was praying it would be good and it achieved its expectations! There was a wide range of looks I achieved with these shades especially with its top row of glitters/shimmers and bottom row of matte browns (Warm to Cool shades) They can also be used wet so that was double the usage.

I took this Dior Fusion pot as a 'just in case' products, if I wanted a change of look with this metallic cream eyeshadow and I'm glad I did. I went through a massive stage of wanting these pots in every colour, but I always went back to this shade as well as it being my first buy.
I used this one night with colours from the smash box palette also...

Caudalie Divine Oil has always been a multiple favourite as again this is a wide usage product form hair to skin so I threw this one in. I feel like I don't get chance to use this at home much, not sure why but I suppose I get used to my regular home moisturising routine but this one wows me every time!
The most moisturising dry oil every invented and the smell is just 'Divine'! This ones a must.

My beloved Guerlain brand! I was scanning through my kit and decided to throw in a few Lip Glosses and my most used was this Guerlain one which is a statement pink one, pretty sheer looking but striking when its on the lips.
Again I don't use may lip glosses at home as I do feel like it's a more summer look so this one was perfect for my holiday. The biggest bonus is that it's not sticky like other lip glosses that are available to purchase, it's usually what puts me off.

And before I end this, look what counter I found out there <3

I hope this has been good for people who are wanting new spring/summer beauty products or to anyone going on holiday in the next few months :D Enjoy! 

Love Sophie x


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