Thursday, 18 February 2016

REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palettes

As you may all know I have recently purchased 2 of the Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow palettes from Selfridges over this year.
My past 2 makeup Monday's have been focused on my most recent buy and I promised you I would do a review this week. 
Pretty obvious that I'm going to say I'm in love with them, but my reasons why are different to every other palette....

The 2 palettes I own are 'The Sophisticate' and 'the Dolce Vita' 
Charlottes makeup collections have different range names which work together as a whole look.
My first buy was 'The Sophisticate' which is aimed at one of the most natural, minimal looks of them all.

I never play safe but with this one I knew I couldn't go wrong.
The shades are all matte, except for the nude shade which has a slight shimmer effect but nothing drastic, it gives a nice subtle glow as either a base or a inner highlight.
The other shades are more of a cool toned grey and Browns.
Like I said, how could I go wrong.

My second palette that I brought 2 weeks ago was 'The Dolce Vita' and my reason for this was the collection image. I am totally in love with it and want my eyes to look like that every day.
This palette is more warmer shades but with a slight tint of red in which is bang on trend for this season. People get a bit scared with a pink/red toned eyeshadow but trust me there is so much to do for this look and it can be really easy to pull off.

I think I need all the palettes in my life/kit but there has to be a line, so a treat here and now can do no harm but bring joy to my shopping sprees.
They may be pricey at £46 a palette for someone that doesn't wear much makeup or doesn't know how to do their eye makeup but their is definetely a palette for every one. That's why I think the range of collection looks really help and help you decide what look you want to achieve.

Charlotte claims that each palette is colour coded as they contain '4 harmonious colour ways that offer a complete "desk to dusk to disco" eye colour' 
Now that just proves that any palette has a softer look that you can easily wear day to day, the glam it out on special occasions.
To make it easier each colour is coded with the words 'prime', 'enhance', 'pop' and 'smoke' then on charlottes website it actually teaches you step by step on how to use each one to achieve what look you are going for.
Example of the instructions online-
Or of course you can mix them how you like, like I did on my makeup Monday images here...
I used my new palette 'the dolce vita' on both these images

I find that the eyeshadows just feel so silky to use, in another way of decscribing it, like rubbing talc in between your fingers. Now we have all done this and know how smooth this feels.
So imagine that you have an eyeshadow palette like this... You already know how easy it will be to blend with a brush. Now blending is the key to any eye makeup look, I say that once you have mastered blending you can take on anything.
So with these palettes it makes the job a whole lot easier.

I also have more CT products such as, lip liner and 3 lipsticks. I will blog about these at a later date if you were interested ! As I can't fault either of those.


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