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REVIEW: Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows

After starting of the year giving you my advice on beauty/skincare tips I decided to squeeze a 'sparkly' eyeshadow review before we forget about glitters.

Most people think as glitter and sparkles more of a Christmas thing or only on special occasions. That doesn't get said in my mind! I would wear glitter and sparkles all year through, no reason would stop me.
Or maybe you've been told too many times that you can't wear glitter as you get older. Put it this way, don't listen! There are all sorts of different ways to wear glitter, it doesn't have to be extreme glitter pigment as you may be thinking, there are pearlised shimmer that are already put into basic eyeshadows and also reflective glitter that is noticed within different lights which doesn't look to over the top.

Today I'm going to give a full detailed review on the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadows. These are more in the reflective glitter category, but you can not go wrong with at least one of these shades in your makeup bag. You can make them look as minimal or intense as you like.
You may think this can not be possible with glitters because you've always wished you could 'pull it off' or 'not look too much', well this is the product for you! 

Thanks to Bobbi Browns Pro Artist Amy Conway (she was so lovely and talented) she introduced me to these, she told me they were one of their most popular products due to everyone being able wear these alone or on top of any product and perfect for natural wedding looks - so thats saying something for ow easy these are to wear. This is what drew my attention in. 
Each sparkle eyeshadow can be worn alone as a reflective minimal glitter on the eye lid. Wether you just want an everyday sparkle paired with your usual brown crease then this is perfect to pat over the eyelid to bring a soft barely there glitter.
Your day look with these shadows are sorted, and you
included glitter (no matter what age).

If you still feel like you want less sparkle then just apply in the inner corners of your eyes this will not only look softer but will brighten the eye area and give your eyes that striking glow.

Now let's make these a little more intense and bring a bit of smokey to your night out. Go ahead and do your eyes however you like, from a soft grey smokey to a black smudged eye you can pat these eyeshadows over the colour that you have already applied on your eyelids. 
By having a basic shade of eyeshadow already on the eye lid, the sparkle over the top will give that colour more twist and dimension with that beautiful sparkle.

Bobbi Brown explain these as - 'A featherweight eye shadow formula that instantly lights up eyes with a combination of shimmering pearls and fine sparkle. This once-limited edition fan-favourite is now a permanent part of Bobbi’s line thanks to its crease-free, long-lasting wear and creamy-soft powder feel.'

I have what I think of as the 3 main shades from the collection :
Sunlight - Golden undertone sparkle
Silver Moon - White/silver sparkle 
Baby Peach - Rose/peach undertone sparkle

There are lots more shades but I find that these would be the most used on my kit due to there being a choice of each colour that would compliment any eyeshadow shade underneath and alone.
What is also brilliant about these shadows are that they are handpicked shades to compliment every skin tone, so no need to worry what shades will be best for you.
Also, you don't need to go out and buy a special brush to apply these with, your fingers are the best tools! They pick up more pigment and sit better on the skin.

Here I used Silver Moon alone whist creating a sharp flick and crease.

So I want to hear no excuses why you can't pick yourself up with a bit of sparkle in your life now that I've made you discover these beauties.

Don't be afraid to try different things, there's always a way to pull and trend or product off.

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