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My Daily Skincare Routine

'Feauture Friday' is back already and this week will be the follow up from last weeks post '2016 Beauty Resolutions' on my daily skincare routine.
If you missed last weeks (important) post on making a difference for the new year you can read it HERE. Its not too late to make these changes, every day is a different day no matter if it was January 1st, get this week out the way with drinking and eating and start Monday, theres nothing stopping you and I hope I have influenced a lot of people on making this change. Its for the best, and doing this will prove it.

Lasts weeks post was based on things you can change in 2016 for your beauty routine and a lot of it was down to looking after your skin so I said I was going to write a separate post explaining my full skincare routine from products to applications and here it is...

I couldn't imagine waking up in the morning at not washing my face at the minimum.
It may seem like a chore to change and do all this every morning and night but honestly you will just get used to it, by just getting into this routine it can be done within 5-10 minutes, now whats that? In that time you can spend waiting for a kettle to boil? Point proven :D

So every morning I wake up at least an hour before I plan to leave, most of this time is spend getting ready and making my 'healthy' morning breakfast of course but as soon as I get out of bed i start my morning skincare routine.

First of all I just want to explain to you what my skin is like. In my teenage years I fount my skin extremely oily (mainly t-zone) I could literally blot my nose every hour or so and see it... but I never really took into focus how much my skin would benefit from a good routine so I used to just use an Olive Oil soap cleanser - You will now be thinking, 'Why did she use oil products on oily skin?' But this was my saviour! I couldn't live without it but this was actually specifically designed for oily, spot prone skin from a herbal heath store. Before and after I got advice from the staff and leaflets on all the soaps they sold I was always so worried of what to use on my skin as I thought nothing would sort it, and it would make it worse, but I became more daring to try new products and of course after trial and error I found the perfect products, but now I love trying everything and I would love to use all new and best rated products on my skin but you can't! Just simply use one of each from cleansers to serums. (Not 3 toners ect, your skin needs the routine)
So now after helping my skin it has changed into a normal/combination type skin. This I am happy with, I don't have excess oil or dry, rough skin, luckily I fall in the middle. At times, yes I still get a little oil on my T-Zone or an odd breakout from stress or timing and even food, due to me eating very healthy 90% of the week that 10% of treats/alcohol sometimes doesn't agree with my body which can cause a spot or something but this is extremely normal. No-ones skin is perfect 100% of the time.
So the rest of this post will be based on how my skin is now. At a normal-combination, I wouldn't every put my skin in the dry category, so if anyone with dry skin is reading this some products may not be for you.


The first step would be my Cleanser I use the Shesido IBUKI - Gentle Cleanser £25.10 every morning as soon as I wake up. 
Shesido is a Japanese brand which is the most popular skincare brand in Japan, I mean you only have to look at there skin and you want to use these products! 'Ibuki' is the collection in the brand which is aimed at hydrating and correcting imperfections on the skin, so this can be used for all skin types.
This cleans off all the oils on my face that were produced through my nights sleep and the skincare I used on my skin the night before. 
This Cleanser is a silky, rich, luxurious foaming wash that I apply onto damp skin using literally a pea-size amount and foaming it up on my fingertips before applying on my face, this gets the formula working and foaming (a lot!) I will just warn you that what I say 'literarily' a pea-size amount you need no more. This foams amazingly well which is a benefit on the product lasting such a long time. Cleansers may be the easy buy in any shop, but depending on your skin type this can be a hard job, with the texture, ingredients or even the smell.

My next step would be to apply a Toner which I use Guerlain - Abielle Royalle - Preparing Toner £28
Guerlain is a French brand, known for their skincare and fragrances. I was lucky to be Account Manager Consultant for the brand in Debenhams derby for a long time last year. Before that i never tried or heard on so many of their products, but now I couldn't live without it. This is my FAVOURITE skincare brand of my choice, I have of course been trained in the products so I have lots of knowledge. Now I will forever use this brand, I still of course find my favourites in other brands as you will see throughout my product useges.
This toner contains bee pollen which helps tone and lift the skin. I know I'm still at a young age but there is no problem in starting early :)
Not only does it help with wrinkle correction the toning side helps reshape the skin and in my case help prevent loosing the shape of my skin, gives a smooth and youthfulness glow and the texture is a soft, creamy texture.
I apply this with one pump on my hand and massage into the skin, you can use one pump on a cotton pad and stroke over the skin also but yes one pump is all you need. Again, a little goes a long way.
Toners are sometime missed from peoples skincare routine but what a toner does is it prepares the skin for the next step in the routine, so that it helps the skin soak up and consume all the benefits in the following products.

The final step of my morning routine is my Guerlain Super-Aqua Serum £77
The 'Super-Aqua' Guerlain range is aimed at age-defying hydration, it is known for its purifying water that helps the skin strengthen the epidermis, relaunch hydration flow and restore youthfulness.
I do feel lucky to have been able to experience all of these products within my job and find the right ones for my skin as I know Guerlain isn't the most affordable skincare but it does prove it price with the effects I have seen.
This Super-Aqua serum is not just a serum but a moisturiser all in one, which means I do use this as my moisturiser also as I find that all these products together is enough for the base of my skin before i apply my make-up. I don't want my skin to be overly creamy if I am following it up with makeup.
Due to de-hydrated skin this does cause skin to be more prone to produce wrinkles to it is important to keep the skin hydrated (this still means drink plenty of water)
I apply 2 pumps onto my hands and massage this into make skin.

Following this I then start doing my hair so that these products all soak into my skin properly as its good to leave 10 minutes between skincare and makeup. You can then use a primer before you makeup.


No matter what time my day ends I like to get my comfy clothes on and remove all my makeup so that I can then relax for the rest of my night.
I start of removing my eye make-up with Clarins - Instant eye make-up remover £15
This absorbs and removes eye make-up quickly including waterproof products and easily making it come off within seconds. I fount it hard to find a good eye makeup remover due to many of them being very oily and leaving excess on the area which i didn't like the experience of, this product does not feel oily at all. I still choose to wash over with water after the next classing step to remove the product completely but this could be used without the use of any water.
This does need shaking before you use so I then tip some onto a cotton pad and stoke down and across gently over my eye area. Avoid pulling and rubbing on the eye area as this can cause redness and damage the eye tissue. The eye area is the most delicate part of the face, so be gentle.

To remove the rest of my makeup I use Bobbi Brown - Soothing Cleansing Oil £31
Again I am now not afraid of using oil on my skin and these oils actually benefit the skin. The oil contains Jasmine Flower extract and oils dissolve makeup without in effecting the skins natural balance. This can be used on all skin types.
This product comes in a pump bottle and a pump around 4-5 drops of the oil onto a cotton pad and wipe all over my face a couple of times to remove as much makeup as possible. I then wet my hands with warm water and massage in circular motions over the face to make sure the oils remove all off the make-up on my skin and finish off by rising my face to remove the product completely.
I love how it feels so moisturising and soft on the skin finishing the cleanse with a pure clean appearance.

After getting all the make-up off I apply Estee Lauder - Advanced Night Repair serum £45 - 50ml
This product is one of the best-rated serums and I agree. I always buy the 100ml bottle and I have a new one on its way that i can't wait to open.
This serum is not only the number 1 Anti-Ageing Serum but it gives a smooth, radiant and replenished look, leaving skin, soft, hydrated and stronger. This product has been know to help blemish prone skin and help decrease pore size the more it is used so this products is to naturally renew the skin through the night.
I apply 5 drops of this product every night and massage into the skin with my fingers.

All serums need to be finished with a moisturiser otherwise the serum does not sink into the skin 100% so I layer over Estee Lauder - Nightwear Plus. £46
This moisturiser detoxifies, soothes and hydrates the skin as you sleep. It detoxifies the skin for what environmental factors you put it through everyday. It also helps reduce pores, hydrate, defends the signs of ageing all with its antioxidant complex.
I apply a coin-size amount with my fingers and again massage this all into the skin.

Last but not least, a good eye-serum Guerlain - Abeille Royale - Eye Sculpt Serum £62
Again make with the effecting repairing power of the bee pollen. It sculpts/contours the eye area leaving it decongested, radiant and smoother looking along with reducing puffiness and dark circles and firms and lifts the eye area.
I apply this used the fantasicly designed tip with is shaped like your finger so you can gently massage above and under the eye area then I gently tap the excess around the eye area which stimulates the blood flow.


On the weekend I do change some of the products to more richer and powerful products as well as adding some extra beneficial products that shouldn't be used every day.

First off on Sunday at nighttime I change my moisturiser and eye product.
My moisturiser gets replaced with Guerlain - Orchidee Imperial Fluid £210
This is the top collection within the Guerlain ranges. I use the fluid as it is a lighter formula than the creme version. Orchidee Imperial is made with the Gold Orchard flower which is the most long lived flower amongst any other, this turns back 10 years of the skins cellular data which means it makes the skin inside bounce back and regenerate cell life to what it would have been like 10 years ago.
The texture is a silky, rich, luxurious cream thats makes the sin feel like satin when applied and boosts luminosity, even and firmness.

My Eye-serum gets replaces to the Guerlain - Orchidee Imperial Eye and Lip Cream £124
This product has the same factors as the previous Fluid cream. It can be used on the eyes and lips, the eye area becomes smoother, redefined and brighter and the lip area becomes redefined, perfectly shaped (lines filled) and more nourished.
I apply a pea-size amount rubbed together on my ring finger around the eyes and over the lips with my fingers and again patted to help the blood flow.

Every Sunday after I have cleansed and removed my make-up I apply my beloved Glam Glow - SuperMud Clearing Treatment Face Mask £40
I got this when my skin was more in its oily/breakout phase so I'm yet to try one of the other ranges but every sunday I love to sit for 20 minutes and let this cleanse any unwanted oil and clean my pores thoroughly.

This masks helps fight any the following skin concerns/issues:

- Visible Pores
- Problem Skin
- Blemishes
- Pimples
- Breakouts
- Spots
- Black and White heads
- Razor Burns
- Ingrowing Hair

You need at least one of these masks from the glam glow range!
With this mask I literally see the colour change in the areas where I have the most oil and see how the products spreads from the spots/blackheads that can appear on my skin.
After using this mask my skin looks and feels so even and flawless like I never had any issues.
It brightens the complexion, improves eleastin and collagen, de-clogs and minimise pores and helps reduce redness.
How can one product help so many issues? AMAZING!
Just be aware that when using face masks this brings the rubbish out of your skin and can cause effecting the skin a couple of days later with a spot or something. But as I do this weekly I keep on top of all of the issues that can happen to my skin.

*All prices are based on Google Shopping*

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my Daily/Weekly skin routine, I am highly passionate about my skin and always want to use the best products that work for my skin and also discover new and greta products that are available. I don't think I will change my routine for a long while but many try out different products that benefit certain areas, such as another Face Mask but one that aims at a different issue.
I hope this has also made you think more about sticking or creating a better routine for your skin as you can see and feel a definite benefit and appearance on your skin.

I would love to know what you use, or if you use any of these products.
Maybe you want extra advice of these products or other ones in the ranges that might adapt better to yourself. So please feel free to leave a comment or email me at

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See you next week.
Ooo feel free to message me on what you would like me to talk about for the upcoming 'Feature Friday' 

Sophie x


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