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2016 Beauty Resolutions

Yes I have gone and published at 'Resolution' post, I know we all hate them and never stick to these but you need this in January.
I'm not making you go out and change every product in you beauty cupboard but to make you realise that looking after your skin is very important to your appearance and your confidence.

Ladies if you have a spot you know you want to hide it and not let people see so you pack it will a bunch of concealers until your happy that it's invisible. But no! Thats not the way to do it.
If you look after your skin you won't need to cover and you will want to flaunt your make-up free face. Isn't that what we all want.
Well, keep reading and stick to my advice and I promise you will see a difference. 2016 may be your best beauty year yet.

Please, please, please make you're no.1 Resolution to DRINK MORE WATER.
The amount of people I know and hear about who don't drink water is unbelievable, the effect of this on your skin is just 10/10. Water flushes out the bad toxins and keeps you refreshed and hydrated, this not only helps your skin to stay clear but also helps towards preventing ageing. Yes, anti-ageing without putting anything on your skin. The way it does this is it keeps the skin hydrated which is a main cause to wrinkles. Think of a sponge, without water it shrivels and causes cracks and lines, with water it absorbs, whereas this would plump the skin and keep it youthful.
Things you never knew ay! 
The recommended amount is 2.5 litres. (I love the water bottles with the hourly time on) If your not the biggest fan of water, this new invention is amazing... 'Aquatiser' Fruit infused water, best fruits to use are Lemons - citrus vitamin boost (Top tip: 1 cup of hot water with lemon as soon as you wake up is a perfect to detoxify) and Blueberries - high in antioxidants.

You can see my health obsession pouring out in this post. I am a massive believer in a good healthy lifestyle - not a healthy diet, I'm talking a healthy LIFESTYLE CHANGE. This should be forever and not just for January.
Quitting sugar will be the best thing you could do, honestly you will not only see a difference but you will feel like a new person as well. The amount of energy and clean your body will feel will be a reason to make this lifestyle change. 
I could go on forever about nutrition as I have massive passion for this subject, yes, just as much as make-up. But yes sugar is the worst thing for our bodies, you may think you can't cut it out but once you get through a week you won't be addicted to it anymore, and yes you are all addicts to sugar, you will see it as you get out of the routine. Replace it with fruit or 85%+ Dark Chocolate (I now prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate and I would choose a salad over cake any day!)
1 thing I want to make sure you learn from this is fat and carbs are not bad! Saturated fat is what we need to avoid but theres plenty of foods that contain the good fat. For example Low-fat yogurts are not better for you, low-fat basically means more sugar, you check it out! So you are better to consume the full fat yogurts, they are not like water either, haha.
And we need carbs, whether you like it or not. Avoid complex-carbs such as anything white, potatoes, rice, bread, yes you know. Its easy though, just change it to wholemeal products, wholemeal bread, brown rice, sweet potatoes. Tastes better anyway, if not you'll get used to it, believe me.
- My favourite January fitness buy was Joe Wicks - Lean in 15 Book, contains everything you need to know with quick meals so you have no excuses. Every night my healthy, clean, non-processed meal takes as quick as banging a pizza in an oven, and lots of people say they don't have time, but how can that be a reason?

Routine is the most important thing when it comes to your skincare, applying an expensive cream every 2 days will not benefit you enough. You need to be consistent with your skincare routine, once you get into it you will not only see and feel a difference but you'll want to do the whole routine before bed, it's a bit of you-time, make the most of it, include a little massage to sooth and relax yourself. Girls love a good pampering.
To me a routine contains Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising every morning.
Cleansing, Serum, Moisturising, Eye creams every night.
Exfoliating once a week and a detoxifying face mask once a week. I know this sound a lot but it can be done within 5 minutes.
Next Friday I will be posting my skincare routine for you all, from my products to the movements, so keep your eye out.

First of all just know that anti-ageing creams are good but not as good as ones that contain SPF (mainly for your day creams) 
The sun is the skins most damaging so using an SPF will not only protect you but also help prevent sun damage ageing. I know we all need our Vitamin D and that we don't get much sun in England much but honestly we can still soak up the vitamin D whilst using SPF.
So with the anti-ageing side, I say start early, even if you're 18 i'm not saying go out and buy a cream targeting anti-ageing but most creams do have a factor of it in wether it's a hydrating or radiance moisturiser/lotion.

This can also link into number 4. A pair of sunglasses are permanently in my handbag, yes even when its December you will find mine. Only because I hateeee to squint. My worst nightmare of getting crows feet before I'm 30! (Crows feet are wrinkles around the eyes, some people call them laughter lines and yes when I get them I will also call them that but for now its crows feet) It may not look like the suns out but the lighting will make you squint at times, wether your driving or just going for a walk around the park, its such an easy way to prevent this.

I want to shout at people when they tell me they don't ever wash their makeup brushes.
The amount of bacteria, germs and even dust that can build up on your brushes is mind-blowing.
As a make-up artist I have to wash my brushes after every client, so if you think yours are a chore then try washing over 20 brushes every day, sometimes more than once! 
I won't accept any excuses for this in 2016, once a week at least is all you can do for your poor face.

I wouldn't function with less that 8 hours sleep, believe me. When I am working on promotions I can sometimes only get 6 hours sleep due to having to wake up at 3:30am so I can tell the difference when i'm walking round like my feet are on clouds, honestly thats the feeling I get, I'm just not alive at all haha.
Sleep makes a massive impact on your every day like to your energy and apperance thats why its called 'Beauty Sleep'. 
I just quickly want to include that a silk pillow also gives extra benefits to your sleep, not only does it feel amazing but this helps your hair - from breakage and producing oils and your skin - to prevent making lines on your face as you sleep which yes appear visible when you wake up (we've all experienced this) but make sure you are washing your pillowcases regularly as this is the same case with our make-up brushes.

Make-up trends are massively followed by every woman out there. We love to see how the celebs look, and what the makeup artists are doing on the latest Victoria Secret shows but not all trends will suit everybody. No matter how much we all love contouring and groomed brows we've all seen it go horribly wrong outriding the times its gone perfectly right. So please, if you love a new trend by all means give it a try but make sure you can apply/do it correctly and make it suit your face shape because if not it will do no justice.
So the message i'm sending out here is BE YOURSELF.

I could add more to this post but the list will be too long for you to make every change this year. These 8 resolutions are ones that I know you all can adapt to and I want to see you do it!
You will be happy and thankful you listened to me, haha.
Enjoy 2016 and make it your year. Don't let anything hold you back.
I pushed myself through 2015 and never gave up so my 2016 is that bit more exciting. 
I would also love to hear your opinions and what resolutions you made for 2016 so please leave comments below :D

Don't forget to keep track with next fridays post also, all about my skincare routine.
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Sophie xx


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