Saturday, 28 November 2015

Review - Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Decided to blog about my most recent concealer which is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla.
Its always been at the top of my list but have always thought I don't need it desperately like other things, but my gosh I was wrong! I will re purchase this as soon as it runs out without fail! 

I love how creamy and smooth this is to apply, I use this under my eyes only as it has radiance in which should not be used over any spots as this would just highlight them and make them shine in all the light, that's not what you want a concealer to do, so this is made for under eyes only.

The product is of course 'creamy' and very luxurious to apply under the eyes, it's not only medium to high coverage but also enriched with hydrating skincare benefits that smooth out the complexion, hiding fine lines and any signs of fatigue, along with the light diffusing radiant technology.
What more would you want in your concealer? 

When choosing under eye concealers always go 1-2 shades lighter to highlight the area which will also give you face more structure in the way and shape you apply, such as a triangle under eve so that  contouring will compliment this. 

Top tips for this is to apply using the brush provided in a triangle shape under the eye to the apple of your cheek, tap and blend with your fingers and set over with translucent powder to set the product and prevent creasing and over shine (especially people with oily t-zone)

This concealer sells at the retail price of £21.00 but for all of the benefits this gives it is definitely worth it.

If you was to give this a try before you buy a great opportunity would be to book on to one of my masterclasses or a 1-1 makeup lesson to learn more tips and tricks and apply it the correct way.
Or if you are going out and need your makeup doing why not book a full makeup application, saves you time and gives you the chance to try all new products

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