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Bridal Collections (Autumn Photoshoot)

These past few months at my wedding trials I've realised i get a lot of brides that have no idea about makeup as they either don't wear much usually or just don't know how to explain what they are wanting for such an important day.

So I now have a new process that i discuss with my brides wither on the trial or prior to the trial if they want a small consultation.
I have 4 separate collection of looks under the titles of

I will explain a little about each collection and what it is described to be.

Classic Bridal - Ladies who don't wear any or much makeup on a regular basis and more aimed on perfecting the skin (HD Airbrushing is the perfect addition to this look) keeping this look natural with fushed cheeks and very minimal eye makeup, either excentuating the lashes to pair with the flawless skin - very Kate Middleton

Sultry Bridal - More exaggerated than the classic with the darker mysterious eyes such as a bolder cat eyeliner or maybe a smudged effect to give more edge - more Cheryl Cole

Radiant Bridal - Perfect flawless skin with that natural radiant glow can be on the face or eyes or maybe both with a more metallic or sparkle on the eyes to make the light enhance these features - think Jennifer Lopez

Statement/Striking Bridal - A more daring bride who loves make-up and has more passion to try different things. Can either go with a bold lip from Reds to Pinks or bold eyes with a pop of colour and more smokey. Bringing some glamour to bridal makeup. Photographers love more makeup anyway as it shows up on the photos better! - How much higher than Beyonce and Kim Kardashian!

(Each of these images are the covers on my Pinterest boards but are set as private for exclusive reasons for my clients)
You can view my other boards of ideas on

At each brides trial or consultation i will be showing there each folder/board or looks for them to flick through and identify key images of what they are wanting their wedding day makeup like.
They can choose as many photos as they like to show what looks they want. I will then look over each image and match them to the collection that suits their needs most.

This will not only help them explain and show what they are wanting easier but also help me in understanding what it is they are wanting for me to create their dream bridal makeup look.

I care about getting everything right for my brides and all my other clients that book me for their makeup. So this is just a more personal one to one consultation that is simple and easy to communicate through.
Not only do i bring these folders along with me, I have the latex bridal magazine, season wedding trends and the everyday makeup trends, so everyone will be able to see these and maybe help influence a new look of wanting to try something different.
I also LOVE the ladies that have photos as they have done their own research into what they want their makeup like so i can then talk to them with their images and explain how to adapt these looks on to my individual clients to enhance and compliment them.

To give you a little idea of these looks I teamed up with some talented people in the industry to create these stunning photos for you all to see.
Each look from these images shows an idea of each collection that i offer.

We had dresses from 'The Wedding Boutique' in Ilkeston, they let us use 4 of their dresses that are sold in their shop and a range of jewellery, shoes and hair pieces.
Our photographer was of course the talented Elena from 'Elen Studio Photography' who specialises in wedding photography.
The stunning professional model Molly Dutton and Kirsty Louise
Hair by the wizard that is Annette Gray
and of course the makeup was all by myself Sophie Downing.

I love doing this shoot as everything was just so dreamy and fresh, the dresses were breathtaking with intricate designs and the hair was highly technical. I planned each look in order of my collections and gave them a romantic feel so it wouldn't outshine the main focus' of the photoshoot.
We of course got the most perfect images from Elen as you can see here.

Classic Bridal with a modern 50's feel from the short dress and lace accessories and perfected undo.

Sultry Bridal with an intricate embroider dress, back detailing also linking with one of the trends from Spring 2016 dresses and a volumised undo.

Radiant Bridal with a Grecian themed dress, very soft, light and elegant to match the glowing dewy makeup, perfect for overseas wedding inspiration on a gorgeous beach. Hair also long soft curls like beach waves to keep the elegant touch.

I hope you love these images as much as we do and maybe this has helped you get ready for our upcoming trial or occasion.
If you love the idea of how i work and how i can adapt all these looks for you then don't hesitate to get in contact, i don't want you loosing out on a big date just because i booked up.

'To look beautiful is your right, to make you beautiful is our duty' My quote explains all!
I look forward to hearing from you and hope you keep up to date all my upcoming posts - makeups a fun world!

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